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looking for recipes with rice noodles

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I've oodles of rice noodles and need some interesting recipes to use them up. I'd prefer low-sodium ideas, veggie or not. Can you help?

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    There are 3 or 4 recipes using rice noodles in the current issue of Fine Cooking.

    1. I love rice noodles as an addition to coconut-curry soup. Great recipes abound, but you can adjust them all to your prefered vegetables and salt levels, and if you are concerned with fat, you can use light coconut milk.

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        Hungry Celeste

        You need a good vietnamese cookbook; many dishes with rice noodles abound in this lovely cuisine. Use wide ones in pho, vermicelli in bun with toppings or spring rolls, press vermicelli into patties for bahn hoi, etc.

        1. Sandra- "Fine Cooking" this month has a whole article on rice noodles and recipes to use them in. I would pick up a copy if you get a chance, b/c they all sound good!

          1. Not exactly a recipe, but just tonight, I heated up some chicken broth and simmered it with chopped garlic, grated ginger and then added bok choy, broccoli and tofu cubes. I soaked the rice noodles in warm water while the soup was simmering. Then I poured the soup over the drained rice noodles and seasoned with a little fish sauce, Vietnamese rooster sauce, lemon juice and cilantro. Nothing authentic about it, but healthy and quick. Only problem is I sort of ruined it because I was reading chowhound while the broccoli cooked and it got all overcooked and mushy. Such is my life.

            Another good thing to do is to soak the rice noodles in warm water, drain them and then saute some garlic, ginger, green onions and Thai chilies or serranos (if you like chilies) in peanut oil. Add the drained noodles and cook and toss at really high heat, then add shrimp or chicken or crab meat and toss it all together until the chicken or shrimp is cooked. At the very end, add the typical Vietnamese mixture of fish sauce, lime juice and sugar. Sorry, I don't have the recipe, but there are many online. Garnish with cilantro, mint or holy basil and you've got dinner.

            1. Rice noodles stir fried with your favourite combination of meat and vegetables. Soak the rice noodles first, then shake dry before stir frying.

              Bean sprouts, slivered green onion, julienned carrots, ground pork, beaten egg are a fairly common and tried-and-true combo. Stir fry to partially cook ingredients before adding noodles. Dried shrimp are also popular -- stir fry the dried shrimp in the oil first to impart flavour. Season with white pepper, as little soy sauce as you need (use dark soy sauce for better colour).

              Top with cilantro (if you like) and caramelized shallots (cut into rings, brown in oil, remove from oil and continue the stir frying with the shallot-flavoured oil). A squeeze of calamansi lime and some chilli belacan for a more S E Asian touch if you wish.

              1. Thank you! That gives me some good ideas of alternative sauces. You are a very helpful bunch! Most of what I find online is very salty and I just don't like salt.

                1. Good with Char Siu,Swiss Chard,dash of five spice powder squeeze of lemon and a drip of Sirachi sauce.Sometimes I add fresh rice noodles to the Top Ramen.Million variations on this.

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                    stuffed rice noodles are the best

                  2. You can use tofu, boneless chiken chunks, hamburger meat, or freah leaned shrimp. Follow the direction on the rice noodles. Either rice stick or the kind used in pho or pad thai. Basically, soak in hot water for like 10 minutes, drain and fry with your veg. Veg. I like: scallions, baby bok choy or othet Chinese greens, broccoli flowerettes, snow peas. I like to fry my meat/tofu separately and mix together at the end (deglazing the pan with a little broth and/or fish sauce), because the veg., noodles, and meat do not cook at the same rate. One of my all time favorite quickie meals. Healthy and delicious!

                    1. This may sound weird, but I love to make frittata with rice noodles in it. You want a fairly high noodle-to-egg ratio, so that there's just a bit more egg than necessary to hold the noodles together.

                      You can toss in whatever veggies you have on hand, too. Works great with leftover stirfry.

                      1. Hot Sour Salty Sweet has several rice noodle dishes. I love the morning market noodles.

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                          Could you give general directions/ingredients for the morning market noodles?

                        2. If you are talking about the dry rice sticks, here is a quick and easy soup noodle for you.

                          If you can get some roast duck from a Chinese Deli. Remove the meat and skin and dice it up and set aside.

                          Use the bones and duck sauce to make a quick stock. Strain the soup season with soy sauce, sesame oil and ground pepper. Chop up some Asian vegtables (the same size as your duck and it is a quick a warming meal on a cold night.

                          The other recommedation for a stuffed rice roll you will need fresh rice noodle sheets.