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Jan 24, 2006 07:06 AM

Yummy sandwich ideas for a small group

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Am having a group(6)over with their kids(who have pizza day at school and presumably will only require snacks). I need some tasty ideas that don't require a lot of time to make and are out-of-this-world delicious. Any favourite ideas would be greatly helpful!

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  1. vietnamese five spice chicken sandwiches (Bahn mi) recipe from

    or perhaps pulled pork sandwiches?

    grilled beef?

    grilled cheese with pear or apple?

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    1. re: jill
      Hungry Celeste

      All of those sound great...more ideas, all can be made ahead:
      --deli turkey, sliced avocado, bacon, and gorgonzola mayo (stir crumbled cheese into mayo); add sprouts if you like
      --sliced pear, proscuitto, and brie
      --black forest ham, hot pepper jelly, and lettuce
      --herbed goat cheese on toasted french with shredded rotisserie chicken

    2. To me, group sandwich parties scream for Panini. You can prepare a bunch of ingredients before, and then let people make their own before you grill them.
      I usually put out several kinds of veggies: sun-dried tomatos, grilled asparagus, roasted butternut squash, caramelized onions and artichoke hearts. Different cheeses: fontina, mozzarella, gorgonzola and parmesan.
      Different greens: raddichio, arugula, mixed greens. Some sauces: pesto, marinara, tapenade.
      You can scale it down for your number/taste, but it's super fun, and no stress because everyone else does the work, but they love it, as it's hands on and they get exactly what they want. You can do everything ahead of time.

      1. My favorite make-ahead sandwich of late is an antipasto sandwich. The night before, halve a baguette and scrape out some of the middle to make room, then spread olive tapenade over both sides. On the bottom half, spread a thickish layer of goat cheese, then top with folded slices of genoa salami and artichoke hearts. On the top half, put handfuls of arugula (tamp it down a bit), and drained roasted red peppers. Put the sandwich together, stuffing any stray arugula back in, and wrap tightly to store in the fridge over night.

        Really, you could put anything in, but this combo is SO good!

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        1. re: Catherine

          I make that sandwich too and really like it when traveling. It can go without needing much refrigeration. I make it using marinated artichoke hearts and drizzle on some of the marinade. It seems the longer it stands the better it gets.

          1. re: Candy

            Great idea for traveling -- I'll have to remember to make one for my next long flight or road trip.

            The recipe from epicurious is linked below.


        2. Get a baguette and slice thin diagonal slices. Brush with o/o and bake for 7 minutes in 350° preheated oven.
          1/4 cup each:
          soft butter (not margie)
          sour cream (full fat) < I know
          Best Foods or Kraft mayo
          place in bowl and mix
          to that add:
          1 t lemon juice
          1/2 t dried dill weed
          1/2 t dried mint
          1/4 t dried mustard
          4 drops Tabasco
          scant salt, scant pepper
          Mix together, set aside
          Couple bunches of gorgeous radishes, cleaned and sliced thin
          Spread the mayo mixture on the toasted bread and top with slices of radish, just a couple of slices.
          Set on platter...

          This is typical of Tea Party sandwiches, but our kids always loved them, so do party guests when we entertain.

          1. Bread of choice, sliced chicken from a store bought rotisserie chicken, muenster cheese and barbeque sauce, preferably one with kick. Heat until the cheese melts.