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Jan 23, 2006 11:04 AM

Does freezing peppers affect their heat

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I freeze serrano peppers because I have to buy them bulk from the Indian store and they go bad before I can use them. I had bought a batch that were really hot but then I froze them and it seems as if they are not hot at all anymore. Can this be true or did I happen to just eat a few that were not hot?

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  1. It might if is was not done well, if the freezer's temps vary too much, and if you froze them too long (things that affect the quality of all frozen foods, not just chillis).

    This link has instructions about freezing chillis:


    1. This is a question for the Harold McGees among us, but speaking anecdotally I froze a big Ziploc full of Scotch Bonnets, and one of those was STILL enough to bump up a big pot of chili. Of course, that's kinda like saying I froze a 100 megaton bomb and when I thawed it out it was only 90 would I know?

      1. Different chiles definitely react differently to heat -- some lose spiciness, some don't - but while I don't often freeze them, I haven't noticed that freezing affects the heat level.

        1. I use frozen chilis a lot - Its really a top flight means of preservation, and they are a lot easier and safer to chop when frozen. While the freezing may possibly take down the heat a trifle they are still plenty hot after freezing - if you feel the fire is reduced, just use a little more. Personally, ive never felt the need.