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Jan 22, 2006 12:29 PM

Where to Find Japanese Panko Bread Crumbs?

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I've been trying to perfect my crab cake recipe... it calls for 1/2 cup bread crumbs (not specific). I've used sour dough bread that I've let dry out slightly and it worked ok, but from what I've been reading, thought Japanese Panko bread crumbs might work better?

Any idea where to purchase them?? We're in the western suburbs of Chicago, so ethnic grocery stores are in abundance??

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  1. Almost any Asian grocery should have them. Just ask if you don't see them. They are usually in a clear celophane bags and looklike big fluffy white crumbs.

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      We're also fortunate to find them in our Publix supermarkets down here in FL; the last box I bought was black with red and black writing..San Je? Not sure of the brand but I've seen other brands too in the Asian section of the grocery stores.

    2. I live in California, and I can find them in almost all major supermarkets, and of course, asian food markets. I know California is pretty diverse, but I bet if you asked at your grocery stores you might be surprised.

      1. They're available in pretty much all ethnic grocery stores... you might post on the Chicago board for a specific source.

        1. I used to get 32 oz deli containers of it in most seafood markets, as I'm sure they were buying the big bag and if they sell two or three little containers it pays for the whole bag!
          Anyway, last time I got it at the regular supermarket, but it wasn't with the regular bread crumbs. It was in the "Italian" aisle, alongside the imported Italian crumbs. In a cylindrical tube like 4C. So ask; I bet they have it.

          1. I live in a smallish size community where there are a couple of Asian markets. I needed some ingredients for Thai meals so I went there. They had a couple of container sizes of PanKo Bread crumbs.