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Jan 21, 2006 05:52 PM

Chicken Marbella?

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I've heard good things about chicken marbella and since I'm having a dinner party in a few weeks, I'm thinking of making it. What kinds of side dishes would be best served with chicken marbella? I'm thinking glazed carrots and potato cakes but since I've never had this chicken dish before, I don't know the actual tastes involved. TIA!!!

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    Pâté chinois

    Chicken Marbella is very flavourful, and I like something green with it, as well as mashed potatoes or white rice. Steamed greens, broccoli or green beans drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper, would be nice. This is a gread make-ahead dish. Enjoy!


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      by all accounts the *definitive* Chicken Marbella recipe is in Sheila Lukins and Julee Rosso's SILVER PALATE COOKBOOK (which everyone should own anyway, in my humble opinion it's one of the best cookbooks ever). They give a full menu to accompany their Chicken Marbella recipe, suggesting that the appetizer/first course be cheese straws and crudite/dips, that the main course be Chicken Marbella, semolina bread, and boucheron cheese, and that dessert be lime mousse and chocolate chip cookies.

      Taking inspiration from this, when I've made Chicken Marbella I've modified the presentation slightly and plated the chicken, olive/caper/prunes, and cooking juices in individual shallow bowls that have a few pieces of fresh crusty bread in the bottom. I also add a minimal green salad (just lettuce and scallion) with a homemade vinaigrette, on a separate salad plate. Of course the whole thing is accompanied by even more bread.

      And I love the idea of a lime-based dessert - it's light and refreshing after such a hearty, flavorful main dish.

    2. Couscous (made with canned chicken broth and well seasoned with butter, salt and pepper -- easy to do at the last minute), and whatever green vegetable looks good (I prefer green beans, blanched ahead and then just finished in olive oil or butter right before serving) or a salad (spinach with oranges, red onion, sliced almonds and a sherry viniagrette) are all easy for a dinner party.

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      1. re: Terrie H.

        I second a vote for couscous. That was the first thing that came to mind. The juices from the Chicken Marbella run into the couscous on the plate and get absorbed....YUM!

      2. I've served it with UB's wild rice (I usu use half the flav-o packet) and green beans. a simple salad with a little fruit also goes nicely.

        1. I made the Chicken Marbella from the SILVER PALATE cookbook this weekend. Everyone loved it.

          I left out the olives and capers, used red wine instead of white and added some apple pie spice and orange zest for a Moroccan flavor.

          After baking, I defatted the sauce and finished with 2TBS of butter, and served the sauce in a gravy boat.

          I served it with couscous, adding a pinch of saffron to the stock, along with one TBS olive oil and one TBS butter.

          When the couscous was done, I added some golded raisins and pine nuts sautéed in a little butter and oil.

          The combination was a huge success.

          My family asked for it again for this weekend!

          1. HELP! I am a novice in the kitchen and as my husband and I were throwing the Marbella recipe together, we put the white wine in the marinade. Will the chicken be ruined? We just continued following the recipe, but now I'm stressing because we are having a dinner party tomorrow night. Any advice???

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              The chicken should be fine. You can marinate chicken in wine...old recipes for coq au vin (a French chicken stew with red wine) call for marinating the chicken in wine a day ahead. Relax. Your dinner party will be great. If anything, the chicken will be more tender.

              1. re: ChristinaMason

                I'm sure kblan's concern was that the recipe calls for red wine and she used white. I've used either for this dish. I slightly prefer the red in this case, but the white is fine.

                1. re: greygarious

                  I make this at least 4 times a year and always add the wine to the marinade. It is easier and I think tastes even better. This is a terrific dish. I like to serve the wonderful sauce in little bowls on the side of the meal with bread for dipping.

                  I always serve it with sauteed green beans with lemon and garlic, and either roasted potatoes or Potatoes Daphnois.

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                    Interesting. I have a copy of the recipe that calls for red wine vinegar and white wine. I got it online, so maybe it's wrong.

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                      ChristinaMason, your are right in that the recipe does call for white wine, but it does not get added to the's added right before the dish goes into the oven. So it seems that kblan added it to the marinade, rather than waiting to add it right before cooking. It was not an issue or red vs. white wine.