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Jan 19, 2006 05:30 PM

Bread Dough Enhancer?!?!?

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What in the world is "Laura Brody's Bread Dough Enhancer(tm)"?

I found an intriguing recipe on King Arthur Flour's web site for Bread-Machine Hummos Bread. But I'm at a loss for what to use as a substitute for this item - which, obviously, I don't have and probably won't be able to find at my local co-op. (The current King Arthur catalog doesn't have it, either.)



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  1. I went to Google and found 673 hits for Lora Brody Bread Dough Enhancer. Granted, some of these hits may be for other "Enhancer" products, but The King Arthur Flour "Baker's Catalogue" lists this item.

    Disclaimer: I know Lora Brody and think the world of her, her products and most of all her knowledge. If you are in need of a smile, read her book "Growing Up On The Chocolate Diet".

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    1. re: Sherri

      Google? I truly didn't think to do a google search - guess I'm getting too dependent on you chowhounds!

      I found an explanation of the product at Global Gourmet. It looks like there are two versions, plain and sourdough (and King Arthur's seems to have only the sourdough, alas).

      And I still wonder if I really, really need it. I've got a container of garlic hummos in the fridge, I feel like baking bread tomorrow, and there's no way that mail-order would arrive quickly enough. But would I be taking my bread's life in my hands if I just left it out?


      P.S. I like Lora Brody's books, too! Please tell her I'm sorry for misspelling her name in my original post. :-)


      1. re: AnneInMpls

        I f you do not have it you can leave it out completely with no problem. KA usually lists it as optional in their recipes.

        1. re: AnneInMpls

          Make your bread without Lora's enhancer, she'll forgive you. If you tell us how it turns out, I promise to forward your apology! The Hummus Bread sounds interesting. Good Luck.

      2. It's a mixture of wheat gluten, diastatic malt, and ascorbic acid. The wheat gluten and ascorbic acid are readily available in health food stores. Diastatic malt may be more problematic to find.

        You can the Enhancer out and your bread should still be just fine.

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        1. re: Liz

          Interesting topic. I've used vital wheat gluten in my homemade breads for years, and I've used ascorbic acid on fruits but have never heard of adding it to bread dough. The link is to a site that tells how to make your own diastatic malt. Another site I Googled up says you can get it at homebrew supply shops. I can't hardly wait to try these two new additives.



          1. re: Jim Washburn

            You can save some money by crushing a vitamin C tablet into the bread recipe -- that'll supply the ascorbic acid.

        2. b
          Bride of the Juggler

          I've used the sourdough one many times. I find it helps heavy whole wheat breads rise more, but it's definitely not necessary. I like it more for the sourdough taste (even though it's a light taste). Thank you.