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i am a real do-not-throw-anything-away chef.that said, i am finally putting out the above question, as i never know what to do with these innards. (i use the chicken necks for stock and the livers for pate or the kitties). thanks much for your help.

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  1. I love the hearts sauteed or grilled, over rice, but it might be an acquired taste...they're a little chewy, that's why I like them! Could make an unusual appetizer, with organ meats being on so many menus. Kidneys, I don't know.

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      I am in total agreement. If you cut the heart into thin slices, it is fantastic sauteed and put over rice. Likewise, I have no idea what to do with kidneys.

    2. The dog loves them.

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        Mine do too! But you could also try chopping them up into dirty rice.

      2. Fried hearts and gizzards are great Sunday afternoon football fare. And, if you get really handy , a little cream gravy to dip them in makes it even better.

        Oh, frying up the livers is just fine also.

        1. I love fried chicken hearts. Soak in buttermilk and Louisiana hot sauce. Dredge in seasoned flour. Deep fry. Mighty good. I can eat dozens at a time, and the last one is as good as the first. Don't know about kidneys.


          1. One of the traditional items in a Brasilian Churrascaria is grilled chicken hearts. So - if you're planning an authentic churrasco (I'm sure the call for such a dinner comes up all the time), you can impress your guests with a skewer full of grilled chicken hearts among all the other delights (farofa, cupim etc.).

            1. As mentioned fried hearts and gizzards, but i don't think you are getting chicken kidneys. They are usually some of those red globs you occasionally have to wash out of the cavity that don't taste very good at all. The gizzards and hearts around my house go to the dogs. It is halthier eating for them than for us.

              1. Hearts are wonderful; I go to Chinese markets to get packages of them at the holidays -- they are a lot easier to poach and dice than gizzards.

                Discard the kidneys.

                1. Gosh - back in the day, I and my brother used to hang around Mom while she was frying chicken (yes, every sunday. We always had chicken and watched "Victory at Sea") and begged for the heart and gizzard. The kidneys are rarely separate from the back and usually are fried right along with the back. (also one of my favorite pieces). Just pry up that plate covers them and munch away. They're really mild and tasty.

                  1. You can roast the gizzards and hearts with the rest of the chicken too. Just take them out earlier as their coooking time will be shorter. Growing up, being a somewhat picky eater I would only eat the gizzard, neck heart and skin off of a roasted chicken. Nowadays the gizzard is still my favourite part of the bird.

                    1. It's 2 years later but I'm going to answer anyways, since what I'm about to say is just amazing. BBQed hearts and gizzards and even livers (chopped up into tiny pieces the size of the gizzards) is just delicious. But it has to be a coal BBQ. Put the meats through a metal stick, start the BBQ, and cook them. THen have them with a pita bread. MMmmmm.

                      1. hearts and gizzards are great stewed slowly in a cuban/pr style sofrito with onions, garlic peppers and tomato sauce and appropriate condiments One of the best easy things around to soak up with rice or bread.

                        there is also a fine, easy tuscan ragu recipe made with these in one of Giuliano Bugialli's cookbooks - I think the first one. the gamy flavor of this meat works to great advantage there.

                        1. I used to always use hearts and gizzards in the gravy, especially the Thanksgiving turkey. I am a little more carefull now as I had one person become somewhat emotional when he found out they were there. (He was the same guy who only ate canned veggies .. I never met his mother, but I did wonder.)
                          There are recipies in Russian cookbooks for piroshki filled with hearts and gizzards. I have never had a chance to try them, but they sound good.

                          1. mmm, gizzards, hearts and liver dredged and fried on dirty rice with gravy...

                            1. What kind of kidney's? being that beef is somewhat stonger than veal or calves, they may beneifit from a soaking (milk or wine with salt).I'm partial to broiling them with the attached suet ,onions ,potatoes and peas tarrogon or thyme and finnish with an e.v.o drizzle.serve with crusty bread and whole grain mustard.I've eaten many a chuck steak and sliced beef kidney braise (in wine cooked slowly) during fall trips upstate.Great eats