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Mar 9, 2004 10:02 AM

Granny Goose corn chips?

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Many years ago when I went to school in the Bay area, a company called Granny Goose made unusual, thick corn chips (called, I think, Native American corn chips) that came in a shiny silver bag. My father was obsessed with them and I always had to bring a bunch home to Boston for him. The last time I was out there I couldn't find any. Are they still around, and if so, can you suggest a place to buy them within striking distance of Palo Alto? Thanks in advance!

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    Not sure if this helps, but the Granny Goose saga is a pretty sad story. In Spring, 2000, the company closed its Oakland, CA chip-making plant and consolidated its factories to Kaysville, Utah. They had acquired Eagle Snacks in 1996, and the Utah location came with the purchase.

    The Oakland location had been in business for more than 50 years. The legend is that the grand-daughter of the company's founder named the company herself when she was a child. Unfortunately, the company had been losing money since 1996, according to its owners. The Eagle Snacks purchase was meant to solve that problem, by helping the mainly Northern Calif. distributor to better penetrate the Southern Calif. market, but it never worked out.

    As a kid, I used to be able to find Granny Goose chips in Fresno, too. They sure were tasty!!!

    Maybe contact the Utah plant and see if they're still in business?

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      I was wandering through the Canned Food store in San Pablo today and noticed some snack foods from Granny Goose - but not the corn chips. I did a quick look on the package for a location - what I think I saw was an Oregon address - produced by a snack consortium,