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What to do with too many limes?

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I have a huge pile of limes (30 or so) left over from a party that involved fewer caipirinhas than I expected. Now I don't know what to do them. Any ideas?

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  1. Lime sorbet

    Key lime pie

    Lime curd

    Margaritas. You can drink virgin margaritas if you're not looking for a party night. Each margarita uses up at least two limes, sometimes more.

    Send the limes to me...

    1. ah ha! no scurvy for you.

      how about "key" lime pie? or you can make a simple syrup for cocktails. or how about lime curd? lime cheesecake?

      I also like lime squeezed on tacos of any kind, in soups. esp. tortilla soup...mmmm...

      I also like to make dipping sauces with garlic, sugar, fish sauce & chili paste. get some shrimp rolls and you are in business.

      how about a slaw of some kind? ah, lots of possibilites.

      I just love limes.

      1. have a second party, and serve limeade!
        (funny how people don't drink that much at parties... homemade lemonade always gets people worked up more than any hooch)

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          yeah, you could also offer mixers (raspberry, strawberry, etc.) with booze or without. limeade rocks.

        2. I've read that the zest and fresh juice can be frozen...why not do just that and then maybe look up a Key Lime Chicken recipe or take other folk's advice and make a lovely Key Lime Pie? By the way, lime juice and soy sauce make a pretty great marinade for chicken...with some chili powder...and well, if you want such a recipe let me know...you'll need a grill and at this time of year, I know it is not possible for many folk.

          1. Juice them, put the juice into an ice cube tray. When it is frozen take out the cubes and put them in a container in your freezer.

            To get more juice out, roll them on the countertop while pressing down.

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              You are so right--I would freeze that lovely fresh lime juice too.
              Here is a quick recipe for limeade for the original poster: after squeezing limes, measure the juice; add an equal part of sugar. Add 5 parts more of water as the lime juice. This also works for lemons.

            2. I was looking for a recipe to post that Nigella makes that involves salmon and saffron and rice and loads of lime juice and eggs - it's fantastic. Can't find it though and someone has my book. However, I did find this recipe for preserved limes on her website - there's an idea that sounds yummy....

              I make lettuce wraps with beef that have cooked in mirin all day and then serve with a spicy coconut sauce, rice, peanuts, carrots, mint, and a squeeze of lime. Fun party food. You could make it a mid-winter 'beach' party and serve Corona with lime wedges, too.

              Link: http://www.nigella.com/recipes/recipe...

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                i'm intrigued by your lettuce wraps with coconut sauce! what recipe is this?? do share!!

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                  I actually got it from Gourmet's section "You asked for it" so I can hardly call it 'mine' but it feels like mine in the sense that I make it a lot and people go CRAZY for it. It's not hard, just many small things and prep. I highly recommend not leaving out any of the steps (including the mint and lime together). I'm one who likes to fiddle and there is absolutely nothing in this that needs fiddling (except I might cook the beef a little longer - I like it very tender). Enjoy!

                  Link: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/rec...

              2. Key Lime Pie and Mojitos!

                Key Lime Pie is sooo easy.

                Mix graham cracker crumbs and melted butter and line pie dish. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

                Mix on high speed 4 egg yolks, 1 can sweetened condensed milk, 1 cup lime juice. Bake in a water bath for 20 minutes or until center is done. Let cool, refrigerate.

                Do not serve with meringue.


                Take handful of fresh mint and drop in the bottom of a tall glass. Add either two tablespoons sugar or simple syrup. Add very thinly sliced limes from 1/2 of a lime and muddle all together. Add shot of soda water to mix. Fill with crushed ice and add one shot of white rum.

                Here are recipes from Nellie and Joe's which is the best key lime juice on the market:


                1. Key Lime Cake - just use regular limes instead. I've posted the recipe here before - will try to find.

                  1. Freeze the juice in one-cup servings to make limeade later.

                    I like to marinate fajita meat (whether beef, chicken, or boned sliced turkey thighs) in lime juice.