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Jan 9, 2006 10:45 PM

Grinding fresh horseradish

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How do you grind fresh horseradish without it discoloring to an awful bluish gray color? I ground it in a cuisinart and when I took it out of the refrigerator to serve, it looked awful and I threw it out. Was it the refrigerator or the cuisinart blade that discolored it?

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  1. Did you peel the horseradish? Also, adding a little vinegar will help with the discoloration. The sooner you add the vinegar the milder it will be. If you let the grated horseradish sit for a min. or so before adding the vinegar it will be hotter.

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      I use a ginger grater...ceramic with all the teeth.

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        The vinegar also works to preserve the sting and heat--ground and left to its devices, the plain horseradish will get drier and milder over time.

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          I agree with adding the vinegar. I also add a pinch - literally, a small pinch - of sugar. Somehow I think it enahnces the flavor.

        2. I've always used a little vinegar and my blender for horseradish. The trick is to take the blender outside before opening the cover because the fumes are ferocious.

          We also grate the horseradish at the table using a plane grater and a napkin around the root, much like some restaurants will grate cheese.