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Jan 9, 2006 09:28 AM

Homemade Pizza- Convection Oven???

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We make out pizza at home- I'll bet it has been more than three years since we have had home delivery and/or pick up. Always make the pizza in our oven ( gas oven). WE needed a new toaster oven, so we got a convectin oven to replace it with some of our Christmas gift certificates. The oven advertises that it can cook two 12" pizzas at the same time. I am hesitant- has anyone used their convectin oven to cook pizza? TIA

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  1. I don't like doing pizza in my convection oven. For a really crisp bottom crust, you need bottom heat. A convection oven circulates the hot air throughout the oven, cooking all sides at more or less the same time. Therefore a pizza turns out with the cheese really browned before the bottom is well done.

    Prefer hot hot oven - 500 degrees - preheat pan or stone on bottom rack, then slide pizza onto hot surface.

    Convection cooking is great for roasting meat or chicken, or getting the top crust of something to get brown when it's a bit sluggish. I love it but not for pizza.

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      Thanks- that's what I thought, but was not sure. I like my pizza crust really cripsy, too.
      So far, I have only used the convestion oven a few times- I used the rotisserie to roast a chicken last week, and yesterday I used the rotisserie for a pork loin roast. Both were great. Think I will try a beef roast next.

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        Bride of the Juggler

        We have made pizza in the convection oven with good success. That may be because our pizza pan is perforated, with dime-sized holes all over it, which allows the crust to get crispy. Thank you.

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          Thanks. WE have a pizza stone, and a pizza pan ( which is too big for the convection oven. The oven did come with a perforated pan like the one you describe. Maybe will try a small pizza and see what happens. The oven really gives us the crispy crust we love, so I am hesitant to tamper with success!

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            I use convection for my pizza with great success. I have high end pizza pans (holes) and my thin crust pizzas are cooked evenly all over.

    2. Home made pizza can be wonderful if you have an oven that can cook at a temperature of 550-600 degrees.

      Most convection ovens cannot, so I wouldn't use one.

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        I have to check kout the temp control. I know it has a mark for at least 500- but not sure how much higher. I crank up my oven, and the crust turns out great.

      2. I've used one with a large pizza stone in it and had great results. The oven was properly vented and yielded a crispy crust every time.