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What is a Pisco Sour?

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Any information welcome. TIA

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  1. It's a Peruvian mixed alcoholic drink. That's all I know.

    1. Here is a recipe at drinkboy's site.

      Link: http://drinkboy.com/Cocktails/recipes...

      1. Same as a whiskey sour but made with Pisco.

        1. yeah its a traditional peruvian drink made with pisco brandy, lime/lemon, sugar.

          they also make ceviche and when the liquid is left over after eating the fish, they pour in pisco and drink it down...its a manly thing. ;)

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            This meal is perfect if you include some good choclo -- the Peruvian word for 'corn'.

          2. Just had one at Bemelmans last month. See link for recipe.

            Link: http://www.newyorkmetro.com/restauran...

            1. Pisco sours are lethal. I'd put a limit on how many you serve. Pisco is as bad as Cachaca, which comes from Brazil where they call this drink a Capirinha or Batida Paulista, depending on what part of Brazil you're in. Same ingredients as a classical Daquiri, but those other liquors are not something we're used to. Yummy, though, and a different twist to the ubiquitous Margarita.

              Case in point: I had a cousin who was in Peru many years ago and some guys he met in the hotel bar bet him he couldn't drink four Pisco Sours. He drank them, and was feeling perfectly sober, until he got up to go to the men's room. He said his legs just disappeared and he ended up on the floor.

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                Professor Salt

                Jessica Ritz, a Los Angeles blogger, just posted about her experiences with Pisco Sours on her recent trip to Peru and Argentina

                Link: http://www.laritz.info/archives/00036...