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Jan 5, 2006 06:48 PM

Another meatball question

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I was so happy to see the thread on what kind of sauce everyone used with their meatballs. I had just offered to cater a wedding reception that day, so you were all very timely with your discussion. Thank you! My question is - I will be using the meatballs from Sam's (I know, I know), but, could I make the sauce ahead of time put the frozen meatballs in freezer bags and freeze all of it together? Making them ready to thaw the day before and heat at the reception.
It is really a small budget reception. I will also be serving small quiches, a cheese and fruit platter. Any ideas would be appreciated.
I am doing this for a dear girl that works in my office and while she is on a small budget, I would like to make it really nice for her.

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  1. I find the meatballs benefit from sitting in the sauce. When you re-heat though- you need to account for that and thin it out with water a bit or your saltiness will be over the top. Based on the menu you briefly described I would also suggest the absolute cutest toothpick type stabbers you can find, and lots of fresh herbs as garnishes to make it look nice. The visual component is important. Also if doing a cheese/fruit platter it never hurts to include salami ( thin sliced even grovery store brands folded in half & then again and skewered with toothpicks)