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Jan 4, 2006 01:17 PM

Wrapping Brie if Puff Pastry Question...

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I have never wrapped my brie "en croute". I would like to top it with a reduction of my leftover Cranberry Sauce with Marsala & Infused with Rosemary.

However, I am concerned that the moisture in the sauce might leak, or in some way adversely affect the puff pastry? Would it be better to serve the sauce along side instead of baking it en croute? What has been your experience?

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  1. If the pastry is intact, it should be able to contain pretty much whatever you put inside. I would recommend slicing the cheese in half, making two rounds and sandwiching the topping between the two halves - but not putting the topping all the way to the edges. Wrap and bake. The topping will become one with the cheese and be totally delicious. If your topping is excessively liquidy, you can drain or cook off some of the excess moisture before using.

    1. I prefer to bake mine first and then top with heated sauce just before serving.

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        Jonathan Saw

        I'm with you. Though I find putting a small puddle of sauce and putting the slice of brie en croute ontop makes for a lovely presentation as well.

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          I made this for a Christmas party, altho with a hot pepper jelly, and altho it tasted great at first, the jelly melded with the brie, and I felt it "tainted" it. This is because we had way too much food and there was more than half left over. Whenever we ate the brie, it had a sweetness to it which I did not like. I would suggest having it on the side or some other alternative.

          Hope this helps.

      2. I did exactly that for Thanksgiving. Rolled out the puff pastry a little bit, then centered the brie (top rind removed), topped it with some of your delicious cranberry sauce, and then pulled up and overlapped the edges and sealed with an egg wash (I actually make this every year with whatever cranberry sauce I make). Even if some of the cranberry sauce oozes out, it still looks very pretty.