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Jan 4, 2006 10:21 AM

bag of kaffir lime leaves

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Could only buy a large bag of kaffir lime leaves at the asian market. Only needed 6 leaves to add to thai soup. Now I have hundreds left over. Any suggestions on how to use some more of them? Can they be frozen?

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  1. I had this problem with curry leaves a few months ago - I think the same would apply to kaffir lime leaves.

    In a tight, dry ziplock, they kept in my fridge for almost a month. When they started to look less fresh, I threw them in my freezer. They are still there and look ok. Not bright green, but still pretty good.

    1. i freeze them for the same reason--too many to use at once! they seem fine, even after a couple of months.

      1. I just bag 'em in a ziploc. If they lose their punch, I buy more. Here in Toronto, a big bag is less than a buck.

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        1. re: Ronin
          Jim Washburn

          Damn! In Austin I have to pay a buck thirty-nine for a small packet of about 2 dozen leaves. Many days there are none available.


          1. re: Jim Washburn

            Jim - where are you shopping? I have seen them at My Thanh up on Lamar, but I can't remember the price.

            About 7 years ago, I purchased a kaffir lime tree and put it in a 5 gal pot. It grew to about 4 feet tall and provides me with all the leaves I need. I pull it inside during a freeze.

            Sometimes I grind up a load and use it in a dry rub for pork loins, etc. You can "asianize" roasted meats for a change of pace.

            1. re: rudeboy
              Jim Washburn

              My Thanh is where I was talking (typing) about. It's the only place I ever see them in Austin. I do intend to get a tree next spring. Last spring I got a curry-leaf tree, and it grew very well through the summer. Next spring I'll harvest a few leaves from it. MGM Indian Foods always has packets of curry leaves in the cooler. I use them in all sorts of Indian dishes. Yum!


          2. re: Ronin

            I use them in my curries - red pork is my favorite, a good one in the original Dean & Deluca cookbook. They're used as a cooked ingredient and also a garnish (coupled with basil)...lovely!