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Jan 3, 2006 01:33 PM

Microwave popcorn

  • j

Anyone know how to microwave plain popcorn kernels? I don't have a hot air popper, but enjoy plain popcorn. I don't want all the additives and chemicals of regular microwave popcorn.

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  1. very easy, just use a brown lunch bag.

    I grab a handful of kernals and throw them in a small brown bag (enough to cover the bottom of the bag) and fold the rim down twice, & lay it horizontal in the microwave. I zap it (about 1.5-2.5 minutes in my microwave) until I only hear 1-2 pops left.


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    1. re: jill (too)
      Michele Cindy

      Just be careful very doing it this way, the bag can catch fire.

    2. Alton Brown has a good recipie for that.

      I think you can google the instructions, but it is basically a brown paper lunch bag that has been sealed. He even puts a staple in it to keep it closed and it does not spark.

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      1. re: Tugboat

        I have all the respect in the world for Alton Brown, but DO NOT put a stapled paper bag in the microwave!! I started a fire in the microwave that way.

      2. Don't waste your time with microwave popcorn.

        Get out your WHIRLEY-POP and make it fresh in the same amount of time. Much healthier and much more delicious.

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        1. re: Fleur

          I make my popcorn on the stovetop in a pan, but I am not sure how it can be more healthy to do it that way as you need to use some oil.

          In the microwave, you don't use any oil. It just pops from the steam the builds up inside the kernel.

          1. re: Fleur

            I don't think Jill was asking about pre-packaged microwave popcorn, but ways to cook regular popcorn in the microwave.

            Assuming that you don't load up on butter, oil salt (or who knows what else they put in that pre-packaged stuff), cooking it in the microwave is no different than stove top, air or other methods healthwise.

          2. You don't need a special popper.

            I just popped several batches for the first time using a metal pot with a slightly thick bottom and a glass lid. The glass lid isn't necessary, but it really helped me see what was happening.

            I put in barely any canola oil (a tablespoon?), then turned the heat to medium and put in one kernel of popcorn. As soon as the single kernel popped, I put in a half cup to a whole cup of popcorn. When more start popping, I put on two oven mitts, held the pot closed, and alternated between shaking and letting the pan touch the stove to retain heat (I have electric coils). As soon as the poporn stopped popping, I sprinkled with salt or other seasonings and shook well. I managed to pop almost every single kernel this way when I used 1/2 a cup. 1 cup was a little too much for my pot.

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            1. re: nooodles

              noodles, that's exactly how we did it when I was a kid, in the pre-microwave days!

            2. keep your corn kernals in the's suppose to help build up more moisture/steam in the kernal & it's suppose to pop bigger