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Jan 2, 2006 03:56 PM

Recipe, wanted...

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A friend of mine, with grandparents from Calabria, Italy, once gave me a recipe for sausage & peppers made with the light green, banana peppers. There was wine in the recipe, as well.

I have somehow LOST this recipe, and my friend died last year of lung cancer, so if anyone out there has a similar one, please post it to this site. Thanks and Happy New Year!

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  1. So, if anyone out there has a recipe for Italian sausage & Cubanelle peppers, sauteed with white wine, please post it here.

    Thanks so much!

    1. I always make my sausage and pepper with Cubanelle, because I hate bell peppers. I also add lots of onions and some type of tomato sauce, but you could use wine instead for the liquid. Cook the sausages first, saute the veggies a bit and then throw the whole thing in the oven for an hour or so.
      Don't know if your recipe was more complicated than this?

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        that's more or less what my Calabreses do - you can cook the sausage first, remove from the pan (remove some of the grease if there's too much) and cook the sliced onions and sliced cubanellos. A big white onion is nicer than yellow onions for this. My pop never used red sauce, deglazing with white wine is a nice option.

        Or you can fry up the peppers and onions with a little olive oil, then deglaze with white wine. A grind or two of fennel seed is nice, can't remember if a little dried oregano joined in too . . . you powder it by rubbing your thumb in your palm holding the dried herb.

        We always made stuffed peppers with cubanellos, never bell peppers.

        (this is not a Recipe kind of food in my house.

        There IS a good Calabrian Ital-American cookbook, "Cucina Di Calabria" by Mary Amabile Palmer subtitled "Treasured Calabrian Recipes and old Family Customs.")

        1. re: pitu

          I just made some last night, and had some finnochio left from the holidays, chopped that up with the other veggies. I figured it was fennel sausage so why not. I liked it, and think maybe it made the peppers a little easier to digest?

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            That sounds good!

            I'm on a fennel mini-tear...the new Gourmet cookbook has a lovely fennel black olive tomato braise that tastes great next to roasted cod with fennel-lemon infused oil (Chez Panisse Veg book)

            I was in a place without fennel sausage, but great plain pork sausage (Portugal, go figure), and made a nice variation of "chicken with shoes" with braised fennel bulb and some crushed fennel seed, chicken thighs, some pepporoncini (jar greek peppers) . . .

            but where are you getting good cubanellos at this time of year?


          2. re: pitu

            This sounds close to what I was looking for; thank you VERY much for responding.

            I'll try it out and let you know whether it worked!