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Jan 2, 2006 11:46 AM

Looking for healthy recipes for the new year

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This is a good thread to start as we are all probably feeling heavy from the holiday eating (I know I am). I would love new ideas for healthy and satisfying lunches and dinners. I am not thinking salads or steamed veggies (some fat is fine even good).
What do you eat when you are feeling heavy but have a family to feed.

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  1. I make salads with meat. A big romaine salad lightly dressed with blue cheese and slices of medium rare sizzling steak, a bowl of greens dressed with a chili lime dressing and crumbled chorizo and cheese and olives with a few strips of freshly fried corn tortillas. One of my favroites is on Epicurious btw. It is French green lentils cooked up with carrot and leeks and served over baby spinach with bacon lardons and a poached egg on top. We are carb counters and the lentils are an occasional treat but we'll be having a lot of this sort of thing for the next few weeks. I like them because they are one pot meals so to speak. Oh and soups too. I am going to get going on a creamy cauliflower soup with stilton this afternoon.

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      fried tortillas, steak, and cheese = healthy?


    2. Substituting ground turkey (or chicken) for ground beef in SOME recipes works for us...for "beef" and bean burritos, I just use ground turkey instead...with the spices and beans, nobody can tell the difference. You can also do this with chili. Speaking of chili, you could try a black bean chili which uses no meat at all. Fish, lots of fish, if it's available to you. You can bake it with dijon mustard and panko or bread crumbs for lower fat (my recipe uses dijon mustard mixed with lemon juice and a little oil); also fish cooked in a provencale type of sauce is usually light and very tasty. We also like this chicken in spicy tomato sauce from Epicurious, link below, recipe uses almost no fat and is very flavorful. Leftovers make excellent tacos. Also, do you have a wok? Stir-fry recipes are pretty light and incorporate fresh vegetables; not sure if your children will eat stir-fry but why not try? Another cooking board I like reading also suggests marinating chicken in a honey-mustard-lemon marinade for great flavor; I think you can find a bunch of honey mustard chicken recipes pretty easily, too. Good luck!


      1. Since I have lost 46 pounds in the last 11 months, I feel I am an expert at this. Smaller portions, lots of fruits and veggies are the keys. Eat little meals often, never get hungry. For health reasons I have had to really limit most dairy products. That was an instant way to take off weight. But I miss my cheeses. I use homemade salsas over chicken, pork, and seafood instead of French sauces. That gives me rich flavors. We grill out many nights, or stir fry with olive oil or chicken broth. Many reduced fat snacks aren't real bad. Lots of spices, just because food is healthy, doesn't mean it has to taste bland. Use celery, garlic, onions and wine to season foods. I also use dry salad dressing mixes for flavor. All flavor, no calories.

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          Congrats on the weight loss, great job! As someone who loves to spend a lot of time preparing and cooking food, this tip for the tenderest, juiciest, most flavorful lowfat indoor grilled chicken I've ever had is out of character, but here goes--marinate skinless boneless chicken breasts (pounded to about 1/2 inch thick) for 24 hours in commercial ranch dressing (I use Annie's Naturals brand cowgirl ranch, additive and preservative free...). Then, just cook on the grill pan till done.
          Delicious hot, and also cold, added to salad the next day.

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            Back in my college days when I used to eat meat, I also marinated the chicken cutlets in ranch dressing, then took it a step further by shaking on some soy sauce before cooking. The flavor combo is surprisingly good if you get the proportions right, though the first time someone suggested this to me I thought it sounded terrible.

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              HA! This post reminds me of a recipe I tried last year called Anniversary Chicken (from I think)which mixes ranch dressing with bottled teriyaki sauce for a surprisingly very flavorful dish (but the sodium content was a bit much!)...I also was leery of the combination but it's a well-received recipe on that website.

        2. i am all about soups and stews. it's so easy to cook a large quantity and if you avoid the soups that use tons of half and half, they are really healthy! my husband keeps laughing at me because i've declared this "the winter of soup!" i like to freeze individual portions in those reusable gladware containers for lunches.

          if you bring a container to work and let it thaw on your desk until lunchtime, it works out wonderfully. i'm vegetarian, though, so leaving meaty soups and stews on your desk to thaw might not be a good idea.

          i recently found this website, but i haven't tried any of the recipes yet. i really want to try the tomato stilton one, though.


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            A very tasty, easy dinner involves buying a bottle of Kraft Free Italian Dressing, which is water based. Cut chicken breasts into large chunks or strips and place into a 10-inch frying pan. Pour dressing into pan to a depth of about a quarter inch. Saute the chicken in the pan until all the dressing evaporates, which will result in all the spices coating the chicken pieces. This is a totally guilt-free dining experience. And delicious, too.