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Dec 29, 2005 08:30 AM

Do I need (want) a Santoku knife? battery-op pepper mill?

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So I have a Williams Sonoma gift card burning up my wallet. I love the look of Global knives. I don't really think I need anything, but I was wondering if a Santoku would make me happy. I normally use my Henkles 8 in chef's knife for everything.

Or maybe I need a flexible boning knife? I have a global one-sided sushi knife that's beautiful, but would I be better at skinning filets, etc. if I had a flexy one?

Battery operated peper mill so I'm not handling the mill w/ TWO hands covered in raw meat juice? Chinois? copper paella pan? cake turntable? Riedles? Blow it all on glaceed apricots and cyrstallized ginger? I can't decide :-)

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  1. I really like WS hotel table linens They look crisp on the table and aren't so expensive that you freak if someone spills red wine.I cycle thru a tablecloth or 2 every year and use the dinner and cocktail napkins as everyday linens. When they get the mystery washing machine stains , they get tossed.

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    1. re: Ariel

      My only problem with the linens is that they are cut off grain and do not fold evenly or drape evenly. As for red wine, a bit of salt poured on it immediately will keep the stain from setting and if you miss the opportunity for salt, a soak in club soda before washing will lift the spot when it is laundered.

      1. re: Candy

        Google wine stain remover. There are any number of specialized products, such as Wine Away and Stain Rx.

    2. I used my standard Chef's knife for years. My sis got me a Santuko last Christmas, and I gravitated to it. Now, it's the knife that I pull out first. For me, it just handles better for overall knife work. I discovered that I don't use the pointy end of my Chef's anyhow.

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      1. re: rudeboy

        Ditto. Since I started using the Santoku knives (I have two sizes) I really do not use any of my chef's knives. The santoku knives are so versatile!

        1. re: rudeboy
          Hungry Celeste

          I feel the same way about my santoku...have the 6 in henckels chef's knife, and I hardly use it anymore. I do use the chef's knife for heavy duty stuff, like disjointing chicken parts & hacking apart ribs.
          Now, if I had a WS gift card burning in my pocket, I'd buy a mandoline.

          1. re: rudeboy

            Love my Santuko and I use it for almost everything. Stays sharp and it fits well in my small hands and in my future hubby's. I used to think people were crazy for spending big bucks on knives but it's worth it and I would definitely go Global. Good luck!

            1. re: rudeboy

              I also love mine. I am a very cautious person by nature so my BIG chef's knife has always intimidated me. :P

              However, BF does't care for it too much... he perfer the heft and longer blade of Chef's knife. I say, test them out to see if you like their 'feel'


            2. I'm in exactly the same boat -- still hanging onto a big g/t leftover from duplicates of wedding gifts. (A girl can only use so many Emile Henry casseroles of the same size.) Thanks for asking this question. Every time I go to use the g/t in their store, I look at the items and think "I can get this slow cooker (or whatever) somewhere else for less" and leave empty-handed.

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              1. re: Dev

                Actually, this may be the right time to go to WS to use your certificate. They usually mark down some of their things pretty seriously (up to 75%) right after Christmas, especially lines they want to discontinue. The question is will you want what they marked down?

                1. re: Dev

                  LOL, I've been married five years and still haven't used all my Williams-Sonoma gift credit! Honestly, they're just so expensive and with less selection than other places I can get to.

                  I parlayed all my various unwanted Macy's wedding gifts into a set of Global knives (but not a santoku), and I love them. I don't feel I'm missing anything in the knife department.

                  One thing I got at W-S was one of their gorgeous hand-hammered copper braising pots. And I had to bring it right back after one use, because the tin lining began to wear off immediately. This was a very expensive pan. I've soured on W-S since then, and have just been carrying around that green credit slip in my wallet.

                  1. re: heidipie

                    Just looked at the W-S website, which reminded me of another thing from there that I didn't like, their oil can. It dribbled oil everywhere. I returned that too.

                    1. re: heidipie

                      hmmm. I didn't notice the dribbling, but I did notice that my olive oil seemed to go stale faster in the oil can than in glass. Not sure why.

                      I use the pretty little thing to water the houseplants now.

                    2. re: heidipie

                      Well I just returned from W-S and I still didn't make much of a dent in the card. It's so frustrating! I did manage to buy a nice rolling pin and a few odds and ends, but nothing special. (I love my tapered rolling pin, but when I want to roll out puffed pastry into a rectangle for my gruyere tart, it's not very helpful.)

                      I think they were resetting the store today, so not only did I find not much, but I was bumped and pushed around by employees who really didn't want us there. *sigh*

                      Thanks for the tip on the copper pan, though sorry you learned the hard way.

                    3. re: Dev

                      Also in the same boat... And I asked a friend and she said you can use WS Gift Cards at Pottery Barn Stores. We're in the market for a Bed and although my card will be a drop in the bucket, every little bit helps! :)


                    4. maybe you have enough for whatever big treat you want AND a battery op pepper mill. A one handed battery operated pepper mill is pretty great...and not very expensive.

                      Whatever you do, use the gift certificate. It IS pretty easy to walk out the door emptyhanded, and then lose the paperwork...

                      1. forget about the flexible boning knife. I have had one gathering dust for 20 years. Im sure with special skills I would have found a use for it. But not for general kitchen use.

                        I used to love shopping at WS for specialty glassware, linens etc. - unusual items priced rather reasonably - but I find the shrine to cooking with ritual items effect of the stores annoying these days. Why not choose something that will be expensive anywhere and use up your card - silicon spatulas, berndes cookware, wingeglasses, etc?