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Dec 27, 2005 09:02 PM

Sir Gawain's tart/cake w/sour cherries

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So, this is my third stab at the galleygirl/sir gawain style cake/tart. My first was with apples, and I thought, shrug. The second was with plums, and I liked it, but I still wasn't blown away.

This one blew me away. Sour cherries that I had bought at a farmer's market this summer and frozen away found their home. It was a perfect coffee cake for xmas morn. I used Sir Gawain's recipe, and modified it thus: half WW pastry flour and half AP flour (I think that was doctor mama's suggestion--next time I would probably go 100%WWpastry flour), added 1/2 tsp. almond extract. It was absolutely perfect. The cherries contrasted beautifully against the richness of the cake (used whole milk, as opposed to my usual skim). It was deemed a winner by all who ate it. Galleygirl (I know i used the SG recipe, but I see them as quite similar), your friend Laurie was right about the sour cherries. Although I've never had it with pears (not a big pear fan), I'm sure sour cherries are the best!


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  1. Beautiful! I can see why that one stole your heart. Out of all the fruit combos I've made, I think my first may be my favorite...fresh raspberries w/ lemon zest in the batter and buttermilk instead of milk. I'll have to try sour cherries when I can get my hands on some...

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    1. re: Carb Lover

      I would give my right arm for fresh sour cherries. Sadly I have never even seen one down here in Louisiana.

      I do happen to have some fresh raspberries left over from Cooks Illustrateds amazing raspberry streusel bars.

      I have been eying this recipe but have never made it. Carblover, did you change anything else when you used buttermilk? Any adjustments to the leaveners? I love the lemon zest/raspberry idea. Let me know please, thank you!

      1. re: Becca Porter

        I did add 1/2 tsp. of baking soda too. Worked well I think. Linked that report w/ more details below. Next time, I will use about a pint of raspberries...


        1. re: Carb Lover

          Thank you so much. I will make it tonight. I am making tomatilla salsa, arugula, and goat cheese sopes. The main will be Carne con Chile with homemade flour tortillas. Also, white rice with poblanos, corn and fresh mexican cheese. Yummy!

          Raspberries might not be traditionally mexican, but I think the fresh fruit will be nice. I might just make some Jamaica as well. It will be a red dinner.

    2. Wow--what a beauty!

      1. I finally made one of these myself . . . and I have my mistakes to report!

        I did it as an upside-down cake. Mistake. The sour cherries added too much liquid, so it didn't set up and get jammy. I've made lots of cranberry upside-down cakes, so that's what I'm measuring against.

        I put some almond meal into the topping, which tastes good and compliments the cherries. I didn't have brown sugar, so topping was about 2T butter, 2 T cane sugar, 3 heaping T almond meal, and most of a quart of fresh sour cherries, very ripe and pitted. Brown sugar would have helped the jammy factor too, but cherries are very very WET!

        Conclusion: this would have worked better being baked fruit side up. Still, although it's unsightly it IS a delicious cake.