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Dec 27, 2005 12:57 PM

Hand held mixers

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Wife's h.h. mixer just died after several years of use. Looking for a good one and thought the after Christmas sales might provide an opportunity to get her one that may last a "lifetime" so to speak.
Any recs about the Kitchen Aid 9 speed mixer, or some other brands would be most helpful. Will probably go shopping for it Friday or Saturday. Thanks.

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    A Fish Called Wanda

    I just bought a Braun professional immersion blender that came with a whisk attachment and I love it. It was only $60 on amazon and came with a blender and whisk attachments and a small food processor. The best part about it is that it's super easy to clean and doesn't take much space. I don't think it will work for stiff batter, but it did a good job with whipped cream and egg whites.


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      Another useful Braun set is their Multimix 4in1, which is a mixer with immersion blender and mini foodprocessor attachments.

      While I stripped the plastic gears on my first one by misusing the immersion blender, I was happy enough with the overall performance to get a replacement.


    2. I have a KA handheld 7-speed that I find great. An immersion blender, as posted below, is not a substitute. Those can be a substitute for Osterizers. I think handheld mixers are the most necessary, and least substitutable, mixers...for baking. I baked for 10 years without a stand mixer (using the handheld).

      Anyway, I think KA has quite good value, esp. on handheld mixers and stand mixers.

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        I agree that an immersion blender are not a substitute for a hand mixer, but the Braun combos include some form of mixer. For one it is the conventional twin paddle hand mixer, for the other, it is a single ballon wisk. For whipping cream and egg whites either should work well. For batters the ballon wisk might not be so good. The Multimix also has dough hooks (twin corkscrews), but I've never tested them.

        Part of why I like the Multimix is that I have limited storage space. So having one tool that handles a variety of tasks is nice, even if it isn't perfect for anyone of them.

        KA has a reputation for quality and durability, based on its stand mixers (which have been the standard for years). I don't know if it extends to their hand mixers.


      2. I'm happy with my 3-speed KA. I think it provides as much variation in speeds as most people would need. It beats egg whites, mixes batters, and whips potatoes just fine.