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Dec 27, 2005 11:07 AM

Honeybaked ham...leftovers

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I've got over half a 9 lb ham leftover from Xmas. Already made sandwiches for the last 2 days Any suggestions for a light recipe or two? Can I freeze the meat without messing it up too much?

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  1. I made split pea soup last night and added bits of ham.

    Saute 2 slices of bacon and drain off most of the fat (or just use a little olive oil) Saute a sweet onion and a couple stalks of celery and a green pepper if you have one until they release most of their water. Add a cup of dry split peas and about a quart of beef stock. Simmer until the peas are tender, then puree with a stick blender (if you only have a regular blender, be careful and do it in batches). Add 1 cup milk and season with Worchestershire and tobasco, s&P. Add chopped ham.

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      We also recieved one and are finishing up...they stay good for 7 to 10 days in the fridge.Anyway we have had cold sandwiches, fried ham sandwiches,ham and cheese,ham with sides of baked cheese grits,corn pudding and spoonbread, fritta,omlets,even right off the bone.

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        Hungry Celeste

        Pull out the food processor & make ham salad--great on sandwiches, crackers, or biscuits. Also good diced small and added to a chicken gumbo, or a slow cooked pot of beans (red, white, or lima).

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          Wow! Thank you so much for all these great ideas (and tips for freezing too!)

    2. It's great in baked beans, macaroni and cheese, split pea soup, scalloped potatoes, omelettes -- Denver or Western (depending which part of the country you're from,) jambalaya, red beans and rice, etc., etc.

      1. I've frozen it before with some success. Cut it off the bone in fairly large hunks, then cut the hunks into meal-sized portions. Wrap with plastic wrap, then into a zippered plastic bag (or a vacuum-sealed bag).

        Remember to wrap and freeze the bone, too, for pea soup or beans or...

        1. I received a HUGE HBH last year as a gift and since it was frozen, had to cook it all at once. The directions said NOT to refreeze it as taste and texture would suffer. They were right. Tried freezing it in portions and it came out watery with an flabby flavor. The bone was good in Navy Bean Soup, though.

          Maybe do a cooking marathon, using ham as a flavoring agent such as you might do with casseroles, breads, soups, etc. and freeze THEM. You wouldn't notice so much.

          1. Wow...we had ham for Christmas dinner also...I asked #3 son what he would like for leftovers and he said (emphatically) Rigatoni with Ham and Tomatoes...unlikely ingredients, I agree, but this is really's in the oven right now as I type this below in case you want to try it...