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Dec 24, 2005 08:26 AM

Cuisinart Griddler?

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If you have one, do you like it? What do you use it for most? Why use this instead of a gas stove & broiler?

I must be stuck in a rut of relying on my gas stove/broiler, toaster oven and cast iron grill pan because I really don't understand why and when I'd choose use this albeit cool looking electric grill/griddle/sandwich press.

One plus noted on the box is the removable dishwasher safe grill and griddle plates. However, my apt has no dishwasher. On that note, counter space is a consideration but I probably can fit this in if I were to use it on a regular basis.

This was a gift and before I blindly exchange it I'd like to at least some idea of what I might be missing out on

thanks and happy holidays



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  1. No experience with it, but am very fond of Paninis, which is what I would keep it for.

    1. I just got a Cuisinart Griddler for Christmas, and I must say I love it! This is my third electric grill, and it's the Cadillac of Electric Grills. It does it all--drains out fat (if you want), grills, griddles (with a thermostat!!), and makes perfect panini, all on non-stick surfaces that are so easy to clean you don't need a dishwasher. (I don't have one either.) It can open flat to provide more than enough cooking surface, or you can grill "Foreman style," but with a great deal more flexibility, and grill anything in half the time. The grill marks are gorgeous and delicious.

      I just now made and devoured a killer panini with morbier cheese, prosciutto, and piquillo peppers. I wouldn't part with this appliance, no sir.

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      1. re: Tom Steele

        thanks for your reply. I have yet to open it but am leaning towards keeping it.

        Having never used ANY electric grill, it's still hard for me to imagine when/why/how often i'd use one for grilling meats or frying eggs instead of the gas stove & broiler.

        otoh, i can definately understand the pros when it comes to pancakes & the occasional tuna melt.

        who knows, I may just break out of my rut yet.

        1. re: bk

          Great for 2 minute quesadillas.

          1. re: bk

            I've developed some *killer* recipes for electric grilling, including one for really spicy chicken thighs. But for that, you need good ventilation. I emptied my apartment during a party because peoples' eyes were stinging. But they all returned, devoured the thighs, and said it was worth it! E-mail me if you want the recipe.

            1. re: Tom Steele

              Tom, Tom, Tom... Please post those Griddler recipes as so many of us have one and need to get past the panini and grilled burgers (inclement weather only). Oh yeah, my wife and son love using the closed grill for bacon- who knew? Thanks.

        2. Although you probably are going to keep it, I must dissent!!! I will disclose that I have not owned one but I have family and friends that have bought the Cuisinart, Vitantino (sp?), G. Foreman and other consumer model grillers and panini makers. IMNSHO NONE of these machines are worth a damn for grilling meat. My not so dear mother cooked me a little $23 prime N.Y. steak on a G.F. that I would have slipped to her German Shepard, had it not died a couple of years earlier. I emptied a jar of steak sauce brought home from the families favorite steak place since the late 1920's. No sear, not juicy and no dry-aged flavor! GREY CARDBOARD!!! For indoor grilling the best is a cast iron grill pan. I have used 2 Lodge round grill pans for years and a while back I splurged a little and got the large rectangle Cusinart enameled pan. I use all 3 for meats, poultry, fish, grilling veg. (usually chilis and tomatoes at my house) and they make a mean panini!

          I did buy a panini maker (the one with a V that I mis-spelled above and it was ok the first time but it fell apart before the second use. I saved my money and scoured all of the larger restaurant supply stores in my area an got a good deal on a small size made in Italy panini maker and it is absolutly worth the extra $$$. Now keep in mind, when I bought my first home, I had a certain amount of money to furnish it as I had nothing but cameras, vehicles, books, Calphalon (the orig. stuff) plus other assorted pots and pans and and my Wustoff! I spent almost half of my resources when I ordered a Wolff Range of my dreams at a grubby little appliance store where the only employee was this lovely Jewish fellow that had been running the store for over 60 years! A max-power, custom-made Vent-a-Hood to place above it (blackened everything was in my repetoir back than, thanks to Paul P.)

          Yes, I do get more into 'stuff' than a lot of people. But this long winded post is essentially saying, YA GIT WHA YA PAYS FER!!! Fo me I prefer to save my $$$ and wait for the best when I can.

          I hope that this late response is helpful and that it is not so far off topic that it dissapears.

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          1. re: sel

            I appreciate your comments.

            While I still don't really understand the appeal of any electric grill, i am leaning towards keeping the gift and seeing if i can expand my horizons.

            thanks again

            1. re: sel

              George Foreman and several other grills I've tried don't get hot enough to provide a good sear. The Cuisinart Griddler does! And it's *great* for panini!

              1. re: Tom Steele

                I'm with Tom Steele here. The Griddler is the Mercedes Benz of this kind of appliance. It is exceptionally well built, easy to clean and can get VERY, VERY hot.