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Dec 23, 2005 04:43 PM

Cross Rib Roast

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Lack of finances call for this type roast instead of the usual prime rib. My research says to braise. Does it have to be rare in order to be tender?

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  1. We never cook standing rib because of the fat waste...have been cooking cross rib for years. Too lean and tender to braise. I marinate mine for several days in teriyaki, then brown well, and cook at 200 degrees until internal temp 130. May take a few hours. Meat will be medium and extremely tender. The secret is the slow cooking. It is a very economical cut, because most people don't know how to cook it right.

    1. I used to wash dishes for a sandwich shop for whom this was the standard Roast Beef for sandwiches. It's not really tender, but it's tender enough, and quite flavorful. It is a West-coast-only cut, kinda like tri-tip, not found at all east of the Rockies, and a sort of bastard chuck sort of thing...but it's really tasty.

      The woman at the shop I worked for cooked this in an open pot, let it rest, and sliced it thin. More than that I cannot say.

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        Cross Rib roast is a standard cut of beef...usually called a "rolled shoulder clod". One end may have a more exotic name, like "Diamond Jim Roast". Many vendors give cuts appealing names for marketing puposes.

      2. Thanks for the input!