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Dec 22, 2005 05:45 PM

Braised Fish Tail recipe for Yimster

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Here is a recipe from the Fu Pei Mei cookbook that is similar to the dish we had yesterday. Tell us if it worked for you:

1 freshwater fish tail (about 6 inch long)

4 T. soysauce + 1/4 t. black pepper (to marinate fish)
6 T. Oil
2 Scallions (cut 3" long)
2 Slice of ginger
1/2 T. white wine
1 T. Sugar
1 t. food coloring (dark brown) this is optional
1 cup soup stock
1 t. sesame oil
1/2 cup green garlic or scallion (shredded)
White pepper

1) Cut the cleaned fish into 5 pieces about 1 inch wide lengthwise and marinate with soy and black pepper mixture, for 5 minutes.

2) Mix 2 t. of cornstarch and 2 T. of water in a dish for use later.

3) Heat 5 T. of oil in frying pan. Fry the scallion and ginger for a few seconds until dark then take them out. Coat the pieces of fish tail with the above cornstarch paste. Place into the frying pan. Fry seach side for 3 seconds. Sprinkle the wine, the remaining soy (used to marinate the fish tail), sugar, food coloring and soup stock in the pan. Cover the pan. Cook for about 5 minutes over low heat until the fish is tender and done.

4) Lift the pan up and shake it gently in a rocking fashion and pour in the remaining cornstarch paste (that was used to coat the fish tail) to thicken the sauce. then sprinke with 1 %. of hot oil, shredded green garlic and 1 t. of sesame oil. Gently push the fish onto a platter for immediate serving (sprinkle some white pepper on it).

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  1. I have not made this yet, but here what I have in mind.

    Clean and remove the bone from the fish.

    Seasan with salt, pepper, soy sauce, sesame oil.
    Than poach the fish in a fish stock cooking about 50%.

    Then I would a Shanghai red sauce reduction using sweeten red vinegar when I reach a thickness a little thicker that I want the sauce to be when served I would add the fish fillet meat side down in the a chef skillet and allow the fish to finish cooking.

    Then I pour onto the dish and flip the fish over and top with a little pepper and spoon sauce over the fish. Top with green onion.

    I will try Fu Pei Mei recipe also.

    Thanks for the input.