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Dec 22, 2005 03:43 PM

Desperately seeking Julia Child's Buche de Noel recipe

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I thought it was in MASTERING THE ART (and I bought the damn thing--)but its not. does anyone have it-- know where I can get it?

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  1. It is in The Way To Cook. It is not difficult to make but too lengthy to paraphrase. Maybe your public library will have a copy of TWTC.

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      If you're still at this link, send me your email and I'll forward it to you. I make this every other Christmas, and although I make mocha instead of chocolate, it's all of Julia Child's recipe from The Way to Cook in one place. I couldn't stand flipping back and forth between four or five separate entries in that big, heavy book, so I wrote all the instructions down in one place, copyright to Julia Child, of course.

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        I basically use the recipe in the Way to Cook as well, with some tweaks, but, as another poster mentioned, it really is detailed, as it refers one to various other recipes. I'm afraid I don't have it typed up.

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      I have the recipe, it's in The French Chef Cookbook. Email me and I will send it to you.

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        Yikes...It is rather long....several pages...and I don't have the time to type them. If you write to me and give me your fax number I can fax it to you tomorrow. Will that work for you??

        1. It's in the old "French Chef" cookbook based on her first TV series.

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