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Dec 22, 2005 11:49 AM

Can I Use My Bialetti Espresso Maker on an Electric Range

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Used to have a gas range but just moved to a place that has electric, can I still use it even though I cant control the heat source to be just under the bialetti (I know, maybe a stupid quesion, but I'm not shy)

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  1. you can use it on gas or electric ranges, no problem

    1. Yes of course you can. I use 6 cup and 9 cup Bialetti on an electric solid plate hob. The 3 cup one I stand on the edge of the hob to prevent the handle from burning and the 9 cup is high enough to keep it out of harm's way.
      I've tried it on high and low heat, neither seem to affect the result. Just make sure you remove the Bialetti as soon as it has percolated