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Dec 21, 2005 06:53 PM

Eggs for a crowd--open house brunch

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You helped me with Bloodies--now give me an idea for eggs for a crowd that will be tasty even when cool...

Looking forward to your tips, as always.


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    strata strata strata. You can do different ones with various ingredients. There are many recipes on epicurious.

    1. Stratas and Fritattas. The Fritattas for your carb counting friends and the stratas for the rest. Epicurious abounds in recipes.

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        Harry Snapper Organs

        How 'bout pouched?

        1. Check out this recipe I posted a while back. It's basically a breakfast bread pudding--eggs, bread, butter, cheese. Ham, if you want.

          Excellent, easy, and it still tastes great at room temp.


          1. I went to a great brunch a couple of weeks ago. It featured lox, cream cheese and bagels, assorted salads and finger food. But the absolute favorite thing for me was this egg salad. I usually dislike egg salad. period. But I could not stop praising this egg salad. It was very simple. Your usual mayo and green onions. The secret ingredients that made it wonderful were curry powder and currants:
            12 hard boiled eggs (mash yolks, mince whites)
            1/4 cup currants
            2 3/4 tsp. curry powder
            1/2 cup plus more (to taste) mayo.
            one large or 12 small minced green onions.