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Recipes to Showcase Balsamic Tradizionale?

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I just purchased, as a gift for my husband, a 50 year old bottle of balsamic vinegar tradizionale, the real thing. I'm looking for recipes which will showcase the vinegar specifically, not to just throw into a dish to get lost in a sauce or dressing for instance.

Strawberries or vanilla ice cream are very typical, but I'd like to find something different. I know my husband would love to just sip it in a glass (which I fully expect to happen).

Anyway, any suggestions?


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  1. I really like to reduce it just a bit and serve as a syrup with steak... I think that really shows off the flavor of even just mediocre balsamic!

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    1. re: Katie Nell

      Reduce the balsamic TRADIZIONALE. You cannot mean the $159 [or so}, which needs no further reduction, or you're making something unique.

      1. re: bobh

        So sorry! I can't even afford to look at THAT, and so didn't know!

      2. re: Katie Nell

        You reduce only the cheap supermarket balsamics -- never the Tradizionale, which has already been severely reduced by aging in ever smaller barrels, through which part of the liquid evaporates.

      3. One of my favorite things to do with really good balsamic vinegar is to serve it drizzled over chunks of parmigiano-reggiano

        I think this REALLY showcases the vinegar.


        1. This week I took asparagus spears, spears of parmesan regianno and twisted prosciutto around the two spears so it would kind of hold it together, put it in a 400 degree oven until the cheese started to melt.

          Took them out of the oven and dipped in balsamic

          1. Roast a pork tenderloin, then drizzle your balsamico over the slices to taste, instead of a sauce.

            1. Thanks everyone!

              I knew about the parmesean, of course, such a classic and makes my mouth drool just thinking about it.

              I really liked the pork loin idea - it's something both of us love and don't eat too regularly so that really would be something special to cook to showcase the vinegar.

              Thanks again to everyone!

              1. I like it drizzled over fresh melon and strawberries and fresh cracked pepper. You could sprinkle the berries with some sugar prior to adding the balsamic. Very interesting flavors that most people are not accustomed to.

                1. Drizzled over roasted carrots, the sweetness of each reinforces the other.

                  Salsiccia allÂ’uva - Fry a pound and a half of fresh Italian sausages. Pour off all but 2 tablespoons of the fat, raise the heat and fry 4 cups of seedless grapes until the about half of them collapse. Add BV, plate the grapes and nestle the sausages in them.

                  Add a bit to:
                  - red wine sauce for steak
                  - onion soup or substituted for vinegar in onion confit
                  - tomato salsa
                  - potato salad
                  - browned butter over seafood or caramelized cauliflower
                  - foie gras
                  - omelettes

                  Reduced with butter until smooth and velvety, for red meat.

                  Substitute for lemon juice over chicken.

                  With any pork dish.

                  For bread dipping, and over almost any crouton.

                  With any fruit-based sauce.

                  P.S., The middle-level Balsamic Traditionale ($100) is an order of magnitude better than the bottom level ($50). I use so little that I get the middle. Maybe some day I'll splurge on the top level.

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                    That sausage and grapes sounds great. How much of the balsamic would you have to use? And what would you suggest as a side dish for it? I have a bottle of balsamic condimento, aged in cherry-wood that I am looking to use.

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                      The NY Times recommended 2 tablespoons, but that's surely for the supermarket balsamic. You shouldn't need more than a few drops of Tradizionale -- 1/4 teaspoon at most.