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Dec 21, 2005 01:13 PM

I need an amazing dessert recipe for the holidays?

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They are all set with cookies- any amazing recipes for a cake, pie or other dessert that will wow the guests?

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  1. The Barefoot Contessa's cheesecake is a beautiful and excellent dessert and not hugely complicated to make. The recipe is posted on the Food Network website.

    1. Here's a link to a super easy recipe from Paula Deen's "The Lady & Sons Just Desserts." I've posted this before. People who've had this cake have reminded me of it years later, saying it was the best thing they ever tasted. The recipe says that it yields 12 servings. I get many more servings than that because I cut it into smaller squares. You really don't want a big piece of this cake because it's super sweet. Besides, folks can (and do) always come back for seconds.


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        thanks for sharing the link. this recipe will make a great cake for my brother's bday (he loves coconut).

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          Funny, my SIL is making this for Christmas dinner and has for several years apparently. I was asked to bring a dessert also and I am making a Giandua (sp.?) mousse cake (I think from Epi) that has nutella, bittersweet and milk chocolate and hazelnut is very rich, not difficult to make and impressive as hell. I usually make this for Valentine's day.

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          Amuse Bouches

          I have this distinction in my mind between regular "wow" desserts and desserts that strike me as holiday "wow" desserts. I was trying to figure out the difference, and I think most of desserts I think of as holidayish have booze.

          That said, I think a trifle is a lovely holidayish wow dessert. You can serve it in a beautiful glass bowl to show the layers, it can be made ahead, it travels reasonably well and it can incorporate booze. Our family's standard recipe is sliced poundcake spread with raspberry jam and sprinkled (soaked) with sherry, layered with peaches (canned is OK for this), walnuts and custard. But epicurious has some wonderful looking ones, including a pistachio and rhubarb trifle, a raspberry,white chocolate and almond trifle, and a cranberry cognac trifle.

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            Epicurious also has a fabulous recipe for an Eggnog Tiramisu Trifle, the presentation with chocolate leaves is spectacular.

          2. The recipe linked below for tiramisu is out-of-this world good, and it's easy, to boot!


            1. My dinner is strictly adults and I have just pulled the chocolate pound cake I posted a recipe for a few months ago, out of the oven. It keeps a long time, is very rich and thinly sliced with a glass of port is just about a perfect dessert. I can repost if you are interested. It can be made up to a week in advance.

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                Candy, could you please re-post the recipe for the chocolate pound cake? It sounds delicious.