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Dec 21, 2005 08:27 AM

Okay, bought the expensive Kurobota

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Berkshire hickory smoked ham that I had asked about here in a thread about a month ago. Can't believe how expensive it was. 10 pounds. Came with cooking instructions, recipes, etc. I'll be calling them this morning but in the interim......

Need help in two areas, 1. How to cook, guess reheat is a better word. Temp? Time? Tent with foil? etc.

2. Need a recipe or suggestion for some kind of a "gravy" or juice as ham always seems a little dry to me.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated and Happy Holidays to all the Chowhound amateur chefs!!!

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  1. If your ham is dry, something went wrong in the cooking. Just like turkey shouldn't be dry, but even more so!

    I've only experienced this from the eater point of view, so I don't have any cooking tips. I'd be diving into my southern cookbooks . . .


    1. I did the same thing and asked the same question. Check the link...


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        Tom, great, just what I was looking for! Thanks so much!!!

      2. Sorry i don't have too much to offer here, though Tomhall's link is great...

        Your Kurobuta should cook up a treat without being dry- the Breed (also known as Berkshire Hogs)have not been bred like most commercially available pork- the breed is still as fatty and lucious as your granparents would remember pork. The meat has more intramuscular fat that keeps it juicier, more tender and more intensly flavored. I dig Kurobuta pork chops!

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          Yeah, I want to try them. Were do you get yours? I can't wait for Christmas day to try this ham, LOL. Funny what turns us on, eh?

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            "Funny what turns us on, eh?"

            Not really- we ARE Chowhounds!!