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Dec 20, 2005 10:39 PM

storing peanut brittle

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I made a giant batch of peanut brittle to give to co-workers, but because of some "minor" transportation issues in New York City, decided to not lug it in to the office today. Now I'm on vacation, but want to be able to give it out next week when I come back. Right now its in individual disposable plastic containers in the fridge. Should I freeze it? Should I find something more air tight? How can I make this last?? If I eat it myself its like eating 6 cups of peanuts and 4 sticks of butter!

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  1. It does not need to be regrigerated! Get it outta there, or it'll get all sticky and icky from the moisture. Peanut brittle should be crunchy and have a real snap to it. It certainly has enough sugar in it to preserve it, but keep it away from moisture--I store mine in a large tin with a tight-fitting lid.

    Ask someone else to hide it from you if you can't keep your mitts off till work resumes for you....:-)

    Enjoy your vacation!!

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      As a reference point, I opened up a box of See's peanut brittle last week and kept it in the paper box it came in (not airtight at all). After about three days it started losing its snap. Luckily, my officemate and I had finished it off by day four. Disaster averted...

      Last time I was more careful and put it in a tupperware. It kept for a few weeks in my desk drawer (I bought a bigger box last time).