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Dec 20, 2005 08:20 PM

Easy Latkes recipe

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I am tired of standing at the stove frying latkes while the rest of the family is eating. Does anyone have a really quick recipe? My family likes sweet and white potato latkes. I hate grating, perhaps I could use my blender or cuisinart. If you can help my TIA.

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  1. Well of course you can use your food processor to grate the potatoes and onions! Also, I don't bother squeezing the liquid out of the potatoes -- I personally think that makes the latkes too dry and tough.

    About the only thing you can do to speed up the frying is use more than one frying pan. You can also hold them in the oven for a while until you've finished and are ready to serve. The trick is not to stack them and not to lay them directly on the paper towels -- put them in a single layer on a rack on a paper-towel lined baking sheet and they should stay warm and crisp long enough to allow you to finish up and sit down with your family.

    1. I grate using cuisinart, then return to cuisinart in a few batches for a quick pulse with metal balde---which I've found approximates the bloody knuckle texture.

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        A Fish Called Wanda

        I use the same grade, then pulse technique. You can keep finished latkes covered with foil in the oven until you are done frying. Then you can join your family at the table.


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          Your latkes look fantastic!

      2. Two suggestions:

        Last year, I started serving the latkes as an appetizer so that I could actually sit down with my family for dinner.

        Also, google "Kinder, Gentler Potato Pancakes." The recipe calls for parboiling the potatoes first. I did this last year and was able to make the batter hours in advance.

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        1. I scrub the potatoes, but I don't peel them. That saves lots of time.