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Dec 20, 2005 05:58 PM

For those in LA - Broguiere's Eggnog makes the weirdest ice cream I've ever seen

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Holy weirdness.

After hearing so much about how delicious the handmade eggnog at Broguiere's is (the local, family run Los Angeles dairy), I had to try some.

It is sold in old-fashioned glass milk bottles and is deeply golden in color, quite viscous (like a thick milkshake) with a wonderful rich flavor.

I knew I had to turn it into ice cream.

In goes the bottle into the ice cream maker.... also a few shakes of some dark rum and bourbon.

Waiting... freezing...

But the eggnog is not turning into ice cream the way I expected. It is thickening, turning king of gooey, not silky like I usually get.

After a good 25 minutes in the mixer, I figure it's as frozen as it's gonna get. I put it in the freezer to firm.

The next morning I was greeted with a product not entirely unlike cold cake batter. It was so gooey that you could submerge a spoon and lift strings of ice cream a good foot and a half long. The texture in your mouth, however, was thick, dense, heavenly eggnoggy goodness. And oddly enough, if you bit into it instead of letting it dissolve, it was a little chewy.

It's the oddest thing that's ever come out of my ice cream maker (and this from someone who has made avocado and chile gelato).

Does anyone have any idea why this would have happened? My only clue is the intense golden color of the eggnog-- I am wondering if they use so many eggs in the mix that the gooeyness comes from saturation of egg proteins. There are no artificial colors in the ingredients list.

Any suggestions, eggnog hounds?

Mr. Taster

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  1. OMG, I had ice cream like that at an Indonesian restaurant in San Francisco this weekend. My boyfriend and I spent twenty minutes trying to analyze the bizarre qualities of a bowl of boring looking vanilla bean ice cream. It stretched like cheese!

    We thought it was sweetened condensed milk or something, but it was deeeeeeelicious.

    I'm going to have to try pouring egg nog into my machine and reporting back on what happens.

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      Keep in mind, this is the 3rd "recipe" for eggnog ice cream that I've tried, and previous attempts ended up *nothing* like this. So far I've only been able to determine that this phenomenon is specific to Broguiere's.

      Mr. Taster

      1. re: Mr. Taster

        Where in LA can I get this? Do I have to find their farm or can I go to a Vons? Maybe I'll make my sisters go in the garage and dig out their ice cream machine when I'm south for the holidays.

        1. re: nooodles

          I've seen it at Albertson's and Vons near me. Just look for the oldfashioned style glass milk bottle.

          1. re: wendy8869

            My husband just got a bottle from How's.

          2. re: nooodles

            Broguiere's is available at certain markets, but the eggnog is very hard to find as it is seasonal and made in relatively small batches. The only way to guarantee you'll get a bottle is to head out to Montebello.

            Mr. Taster

            1. re: Mr. Taster

              Gelson's in Pasadena had it the other day for $5.99, I believe (same price Mr. T gave on the LA Board for Ralphs) if you're coming here from some distance away you might just as well go to 505 S. Maple in Montebello for it. Thomas Guide p. 676 B4...(thanks, Mr. T!)

              1. re: Mr. Taster
                Amuse Bouches

                I've started a thread on the L.A. board on where to find it.

              2. re: nooodles

                This thread makes it clear what a Chowhound is. With Broguiere's Egg Nog we have the best possible of all possible Egg Nogs BUT a Chowhound wants something more. Well, I admit I do get out my nutmeg grinder and add some fresh ground Nutmeg to a tall glass. Anyway here is a list of past post that tell a tale of who sells Broguiere's products. I go to the dairy just like when I was a kid. I still buy a glass quart of Chocolate Milk and drink it from the bottle and it is gone before the first traffic light. Also, at the dairy you have a better selection of collector bottles. Two weeks ago a empty Huell Howser bottle sold for $8.00 -- ebay.

                Broguiere's Farm Fresh Dairy (Very Cool old Drive thru Dairy with Milk in old-time Glass quarts and half-gallon bottles, Must try the chocolate Milk in glass bottles also Egg Nog)
                505 S Maple Ave
                Montebello, CA 90640-5404
                7am to 7pm Mon. to Fri.
                7am to 6pm on Sat
                8am to 2pm on Sun.
                Egg Nog, $2,99 qt. plus $1 deposit on the bottle.
                Chocolate Milk, $2.45 qt. plus $1 deposit on the bottle
                Homo Milk, $0.94 qt. plus $1 deposit on the bottle
                Homo Milk $1.45 ½ gal., plus $1.50 deposit on the bottle
                (323) 726-0524
                One block South of Olympic almost on the Rail Road Tracks. North of Washington Blvd. About five blocks)

                Broguiere's discussion, Chowhound 12/1/05 – Places to buy Egg Nog

                Broguiere's discussion, Chowhound 11/25/05 – Places to buy Egg Nog

                Empty Broguiere's bottle

          3. P.S. No artificial thickeners in the ingredients either.... just milk, cream, egg yolks, spices, sugar and (inexplicably, and unfortunately) artificial flavor.

            Mr. Taster

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              Professor Salt

              I wondered about this myself, but don't have an ice cream machine. Thanks for testing this out, Mr. T

              Here's a photo of Brogueire's eggnog, taken at my local Gelson's market. Yes, I'm that guy taking pictures of food at the supermarket. Say hi :)


              1. No way! Succumbing to massive peer pressure from the LA board, I bought and tasted Broguiere's eggnog last week and reacted *exactly* as you did--I really wanted to dump a bottle of it along with a little dark rum into an ice-cream maker and wait for the magic to happen. Obviously, great minds think alike ! (Ha ha!)

                If I had any idea where my ice-cream maker was, I would have been able to run a parallel experiment. I have no idea what would account for the "stringy" texture of your ice cream--too much booze or sugar in ice cream mixes can inhibit freezing, but I don't think they would make the ice cream "stringy". At least the final product, though weird, tasted good!

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                1. re: Hungry1
                  Amuse Bouches

                  Me three on the wanting to make eggnog ice cream from tasting Broquieres. Since I don't have the freezer space at the moment, I satisfied the urge by drinking it very cold with really a lot of brandy.

                2. I've been thinking about trying to freeze Broguiere's egg nog, too. I think the reason it didn't "set" is that you put the alcohol in it right from the get-go. Remember, alcohol will lower the freezing point of the mix.

                  I would freeze the egg nog, then add the booze at the very, very end. I'd only add a very little. If you want a "spikier" dessert, add some rum or whatever to each serving of the ice cream.