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Dec 19, 2005 12:31 AM

Fenugreek seed? Help!

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I bought fenugreek seed for a curry dish, only to realize that the recipe calls for fenugreek leaves (dried) Can I substitute? If not, any good ideas of what to do with the fenugreek seed? Thanks!!!

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  1. no, the seeds aren't a good substitute for the leaves. but you can use them in other indian dishes or in spice mixtures. i'm sure other hounds will have ideas...

    1. I use the seeds for tea. I just put a teaspoon or so of seeds in a tea ball, and steep until the water turns a nice yellow color. Sweeten with honey. It helps when you have a chesty cold. And it tastes good. I used to make an iced version for my son, who has asthma.

      1. I use fenugreek seeds in my curry, I grind them and stir fry them at the beginning of my recipe, in addition to curry leaves. They will work fine but they taste better of they are ground up. Hope that helps.

        1. You can sub them for the leaves if you don't mind getting a totally different end result. It won't taste the same, but it won't be bad.

          You can use the seeds with eggplant, tomato, or other nightshade plants. Well, you can use them with whatever you like, but they're particularly good with those veggies. :-)

          1. I use them for tea, as well, as per the instructions of the Dalai Lama's Tibetan doctor (long story) who told me that my lungs had too much fire. So if you think your lungs have too much fire, I guess this is the ticket. I acutally keep a tin of fenugreek seeds at my desk at work.

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              actually, it was too much heat in my liver, not lungs.