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Dec 18, 2005 07:54 AM

Can I use my oven to keep rising bread warm?

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I'm having trouble getting my bread to rise because it is so drafty and cold in my kitchen but I do have an oven that I can set at 100 degrees. Would this be okay for my bread to rise in or would it be too warm?

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  1. Just put it in the oven with the door closed. No heat needed, but a slight help would be to put a deep baker on the rack below it and fill that with hot water. But, don't turn the oven on.

    1. I either let it rise in the microwave, or I turn the oven on for a few minutes, then turn it off and let the bread rise in there with the door closed.

      1. I actually do this with sweet yeasted bread dough, turning the oven on and off for a couple minutes at a time, just to maintain a warm temperature.

        But you have to be really careful, and make sure the bowl (or whatever holds the dough) is insulated from any metal parts - ideally wrapped in towels or something like that.

        1. If you have a gas oven, you can just let the bread rise in the unlit oven -- the pilot light will create enough heat to raise the dough.

          If you have an electric oven, put a baking dish full of boiling water on the bottom rack about 15 minutes prior to putting in the dough. (Don't put the boiling water in at the same time, or the steam will ruin the dough.)

          Also, if you have a TV that isn't one of the fancy thin kinds, you can set the bowl atop the back of the TV and then watch TV. My grandmother always did that.

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            I love the suggestion of putting something you want warmed on top of the TV! I am always trying to ripen avocados, pears, etc and I put them on top of the fridge, towards the back. Then days later I completely forget about them since I'm so short I don't see them. But on top of the TV, I'll always notice them! Plus in my house, the rate the TV's on, things will ripen in a jiffy.

          2. If your oven has a light inside, just turning that on should warm it up enough.

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              Seconded, the 25 watt lamp in mine is perfect.

              1. re: Larry

                I agree. The light is better than keeping at 100 degrees. 100 is too warm for rising bread.