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Dec 17, 2005 09:42 PM

Horseradish recipes

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Found a great horseradish that I love, Kelchner's, and am looking for ways to include it in recipes other than as a condiment in and of itself. Anyone have any ideas? For example, is there a sauce you can make with it for pork, etc.?

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  1. Pork, you say? My mom's way of turning cheap pork steaks into yummy food was to salt and pepper them, then to brown partially on one side, turn and smear on horseradish while the other side browned, turn and repeat, then turn down the heat and cook covered until thoroughly cooked and tender. I do the same, only I pour in a little beer to help braise them. The horseradishy juice at the end can be reduced and is quite nice splashed over one's potatoes.

    (For a more elaborate rendition of this recipe, scroll down to my posting of a couple of weeks ago)

    When braising a brisket or other beefy things, stirring horseradish into the reducing liquid at the end is also a very good idea, especially if it's meant to dampen noodles.

    Equal parts of horseradish and creme fraiche (or combine equal parts of heavy cream and sour cream for that) is the perfect dressing for a holiday buffet beef roast, either standing rib or tenderloin. I used to reach over and grab some for my slice of Honeybaked ham while I was at it, a real treat and a nice alternative to mustard (especially as our hostess insisted on putting honey into that - bleagh!). Save some for your baked potato, too.

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      Equal parts of sweetened applesauce and hot orseradish together are wonderful with pork. Be sure it is sweetened, it does not work as well with the unsweetened type. It sort of gets a party going on in your mouth.

    2. I have trouble finding an inexpensive spicy mustard. Ergo, I mix my own using mustard flour and the same brand of horseradish as the one you discovered. I'm very pleased with the results.

      1. New England short ribs! Sear the short ribs on all sides, put in heavy pot. Top ribs with horseradish, shopped carrots, onions, garlic, quartered new potatoes and a cup or two of beef broth. Braise low and slow for about 3-4 hours or until meet is fork tender.

        1. I like to put horseradish on mild white fish before baking (season the fish first)- mix in some parsley or whatever herbs you have, smear horseradish mixture on top, sprinkle with breadcrumbs (a little olive oil or butter on top) and roast at 400 degrees until done. The horseradish gets very mild when it cooks.

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            Along this vein is a nice salmon recipe on Epicurious... link below! I've made this with broiled salmon as well.


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            If you like cole slaw add some horseradish to your dressing it gives the cole slaw a real zing.