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Dec 16, 2005 01:03 PM

Baking without a food processor

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I don't own a food processor. I want to try the recipe in the most recent Gourmet for the muffin like cookies with blueberry filling.

Anyone who has seen the recipe....I have a very nice mixer...could I use that? What setting? The instructions say to pulse a few times to make a dough.

What did people do before food processors? Must I purchase one? I only bake about 4 or 5 times a year.

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  1. I never use a food processor for baking. I don't think most recipe calls for one. Most does call for a mixer, which you have.

    I'd say just your mixer and mix on slow a little at a time. If you would post the actual recipe I can probably tell you more details.

    1. I tried to look for that recipe, and couldn't find it. If the recipe says to pulse, they are wanting to simulate kneading. I wouldn't use a mixer. Follow the recipe directions exactly, when you comes to the processor part, treat it like a dough, and knead it by hand until it looks like the recipe says it should after pulsing. You are trying to pull the dough together.

      1. I have the recipe in front of me. I would suggest that you whisk the flour, sugars, etc. together, either by hand or in your mixer, if it has a whisk attachment. Then, for best results, cut in the butter by hand, using that implement that cuts the shortening into flour for pie crusts. Don't know what it is called. Then add the egg yolks and vanilla and mix with a fork until evenly blended. Alternatively, you could mix in the butter with your mixer, then adding the other ingredients, but it may make the resulting dough a bit heavier than you want it to be. That sounds like an interesting "cookie". Let us know how the cookies turn out.

        1. I want to try that recipe as well. I'm sure you can do it without the processor. Basically they want you to combine the sugar, flour, etc. and then cut in the butter like you would do when you make a pie crust, which you can do in a bowl with a pastry cutter or two knives, then you can mix in the egg yolks (or whatever it says) by hand. You don't really even need a mixer.
          Let me know how it comes out.

          1. For those requesting it - I found it on Epicurious.

            Read the reviews before making these, as it seems you need to adjust the dough for the tops and bottoms.