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Dec 15, 2005 12:26 PM

ISO Recipe for Giambot - Italian Sausage Stew

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I don't expect a recipe as such as this seems an improvisational dish, but can anyone confirm for me what goes into giambot, aside from sausage, potatoes and tomatoes? Remember grampa making this when I was a child, would like to recreate.

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  1. The way my mother would make it was to brown onions in the pot, then add pureed tomatoes, as though she were going to make sauce. Then she would add the cooked and cut sausage to flavor it, then add chopped garlic, oregano and basil.

    She would cut fresh string beans, and yellow and green squash and put it all into the pot. She would also add red, yellow and orange sweet peppers, cut up. She'd peel and cut the potatoes and toss them in toward the end so that they didn't get mashed potato soft.

    She'd serve that all up with fresh home baked Italian bread.

    I'm not sure if that's the popular way to cook it but that's how she did it and it was magnificent.