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Dec 11, 2005 07:44 AM


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We were recently in Budapest and had the most wonderful spit fired donut at a Christmas fair. They are called kurtoskalacs, loosely described as Transylvanian donuts, they are dough wrapped on wood or iron cones about 12" long and spit fired over burning coals then rolled in a topping of choice - vanilla sugar, cinammon and sugar, nuts etc... I have done a google search for the recipe but found very litle, does anyone have a recipe (in English) for these lovely treats?
Thanks in advance!

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    Lending Chef

    Hi... I too was in Budapest this past summer and experienced the delightful taste of "Kurtoskalacs". We were attending the International Budapest Wine Festival at the Castle when I first tasted this yummy dessert. Like you I have also been "surfing" trying to find a recipe in English. I have located some websites for pastry shops producing the desert. I will send an e-mail to one of the stores to see if they might be able to provide a recipe in English!

    Cheers... please let me know if you have any success yourself as well.

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