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Dec 9, 2005 03:07 PM

pizza stone vs. pizza pan?

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What's better for frozen pizzas: baking on a pizza stone or a pizza pan? Or do you prefer to bake it on a cookie sheet or right on the rack?

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    Wayne Keyser

    I've got an inexpansive pizzeria-style pizza SCREEN and I love what it does!

    1. I'm too poor to buy lots of equipment or to rent an apartment big enough to store lots of equipment. :-)

      So I just put it on the rack. And it works just fine.

      1. n
        Niki Rothman

        The idea of the pizza stone is it keeps your oven hot by retaining the heat when you open the door to put in the food. My oven has three of them.If you cook on a pan the oven has to heat the pan as well as the pie. The best pizza is pizza that cooks at the highest temp. So I crank my oven up as high as it will go and put the pie on a sheet of foil and that onto the stone.

        1. if you are talking about store-bought frozen pizza, it doesn't really matter, frankly. If the pan is easier, then just use a pizza pan. the value of a stone for pizza stones is really when you are cooking real pizzas with raw doughs.

          FWIW, mine is always in my oven anyways, so I would put it on a pan, directly on top of the stone.

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          1. re: adamclyde

            I've heard of these pizza stones and even watched a celebrity chef recommend using a stone, but to purchase it from a building supply store or stone mason company for cents on the dollar compared to purchasing one in a kitchen supply store. What type of stone is used for cooking pizza should I decide to buy one from a stone mason?

          2. Our vote goes to the preheated pizza stone. We even have multiple sizes for stove oven and toaster oven.