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Dec 7, 2005 11:43 PM

easy party munchies?

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hey folks.
having a party saturday night, and am looking for easy, reasonably elegant munchies to serve.
here's what i'm looking at so far:
--marinated shrimp (can do it the night before)
--a selection of good olives
--smoked salmon
--stuffed vine leaves
--mandarin oranges
--something sweet

I'm trying to avoid anything requiring stove/oven time during the party because A: people usually hang out in the kitchen and B: i'll be using the stovetop for mulled wine and cider.
Thanks in advance,

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  1. This is so easy and looks gorgeous. Make your favorite crab salad or chicken salad. Then place a teaspoonful onto the wider end of endive leaves. You can make it an hour ahead and it will hold up for an hour or so - they'll eat all of it by then.

    The last time I served it, I bought a pomegranate and scattered the seeds over the entire platter. It looks quite elegant but takes little effort. If you can, trick a friend into prepping the pomegranate for you - great busy work for the first guest to arrive!

    P.S. you can also serve humus this way if you need a vegan hors d'oeuvres!

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      The Costcos in northern California have a two pound pack of seeded pomogranite seeds for around $8!

      They come in two 16 ounce containers... just in case the mood strikes.

      I couldn't imagine how many pomogranites would be required to extract two pounds of seeds, but it seem fairly cost effective!

      These were the POM brand, btw.

    2. How about some spiced pecans? People go nuts over them...hee! Recipe link below for the one I've used at many parties but there are tons of great recipes out there also.


      1. I second the spiced nuts idea.

        Also, you could serve some roasted chestnuts - they go well with cheese, fruit and wine, and they're something that most people don't make. Alternatively, but some really good marrons glac├ęs to serve as dessert...

        1. Just had a similar affair and I picked up an "inexpensive" chocolate fondue set. Had a bittersweet chocolate sauce in it and served with cut pound cake, pineapple, marshmallows and finger cookies. I set it AWAY from the kitchen and it was great to keep people milling in another area of the house....simple and a big hit after the savoury stuff. And a savoury suggestion...I had curried chicken salad on small toasts and topped with a bit of cranberry sauce among other things...made up 1/2 hour ahead and no problem.