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Dec 6, 2005 11:30 PM

Jamie Oliver - Cookbook and Flavor Shaker

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Just got Jamie's Kitchen ($14 on Amazon - "like new"). I haven't made anything yet, but it looks fabulous. This cheeky little bugger has such great ideas. While I was surfing this evening, I came across his new invention - the Flavor Shaker (or Flayvuh Shaykuh). It's a plastic thing shaped like a small bowling pin. Inside is a ball that shakes around and mashes up anything you put inside. Looked like a really good idea. Has anybody got one?

This may have come out 2 years ago for all I know and I was looking at an ancient website.

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  1. no, i think it's new! sounds interesting. let us know how you like the book...

    1. I have a flavor shaker! As far as I know, they aren't available in the US, but I asked a friend in England to buy one for me and ship it over. It is a sturdy little tool: the plastic housing is thick and reportedly an aircraft grade material, and the ball inside is very smooth ceramic. It makes quick work of spices, garlic, etc., and then you can add liquids for sauces, or even emulsify dressings.

      I really like it, and use it instead of a mortar and pestle. I wonder if it will be available in the US though -- the little ball inside would be a choking hazard if left in food or in the hands of a child. (It's less than an inch in diameter). We seem to be more litigious than the UK about such things.

      1. Hi- I have a flavor shaker as well. Did the same thing, had a friend in England ship it over. I like it a lot- it allows me to make salad dressing quickly for myself at lunch, or quick marinades... I need some new recipes though.

        My one complaint is that it leaks at times when I'm shaking it. I don't know if I have a faulty one or if I"m putting too much liquid in or what.

        As far as I know, they are not yet available in the US. But if you go to the,uk they have a list of retailers- some are online. I wonder if you could purchase it online.

        1. Someone bought me one at Christmas.

          I don't like it. I just don't find it as good, quick or useful as a morter & pestle.

          And Oliver has been in some trouble here in the UK for overuse of it during his TV programme (it contravenes our broadcasting rules).

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          1. re: Harters

            I bought one this past week and I must say it absolutely sucks. I'm shocked. I shook it every which way and it didn't even pulverize 2 cloves of garlic and one small chunk of ginger. I though that was strange and added some liquid to it. Tried again....shook and shook and shook the stupid thing. When I poured out the marinate onto my fish, the garlic and ginger came out exactly as I put them in....whole. Needless to say, I just bought a morter and pestle.
            Shame on you Jamie Oliver.

            1. re: food face

              I noticed in my Border's Books last week they had a boxed set with Jaime's cookbook and a flavor shaker. It was 50.00.

              1. re: foodie06

                What a bargain. Jamie Oliver is now officially another celebrity chef I love to hate.

          2. I have a dodgy rip off copy that Furry bought at a book sale.

            It's ok for mashing up herbs like coriander and parsley, but I agree about tougher stuff like garlic and ginger. Doesn't really do the trick