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Dec 6, 2005 11:56 AM

How Long Would Frozen Sausage Stay Good?

  • k

I have some a link of turkey sausage that I bought at the end of June and froze. Do you think it would still be good?


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  1. j
    Jersey City Mods

    I think I heard somewhere that 6 months is good for meats and 2 months for seafood, so yes, I think it would be OK.

    I have actually cooked turkey breast that was deep frozen longer than that.

    1. I would say it "could" still be good, but not definitively "would" still be good. Depends on the temp of the freezer, and how "good" it was to begin with. Defintiely give it the sniff test at the very least.
      Now, since you say it is some of a link, I'm guessing it is a very small amount? Since the stakes are so high and the value of the sausage so low I might not even take a chance.

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      1. re: Two Forks

        My feeling is that all of those recommendations for length of time are more for texture/taste and not for safety. I really don't think you can get sick off of properly frozen food. But don't sue me---:)

        1. re: Donna Gresh

          I definitely aggree, for the most part, it is all about the texture and taste. The only problem occurs if there's a high bacteria count, and freezing isn't done at a low enough temperature to kill them off. They can breed like crazy when thawing.

          1. re: Donna Gresh

            Exactly. The sausage should still be safe, but the quality might have suffered. I believe the rule of thumb for things like sausage/bacon/ham is 2 months in the freezer to retain the quality.

        2. As long as it stayed frozen the entire time, I wouldn't hesitate to eat it. Well, I'd hesitate long enough to cook it...

          1. No. Just buy a new one.

            REAL sausage "might" make it, but the feather and beak sausage does not last long.