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Dec 6, 2005 10:37 AM

How long will dungeness crab keep?

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On Sunday, I bought a 1.5 lb dungeness crab that had been cooked but not frozen. Immediately stuck it in my freezer upside down. Will it still be safe to eat tonight? For how much longer? What's the best way to defrost?

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  1. If it was safe to eat when you put it in the freezer it's fine! In my opinion the process of home freezing is not good for the taste or texture of the crab. You would have been better off refrigerating it.

    As far as longevity in the freezer goes, we cook, pick, and freeze crab regularly. It seems to be ok a couple of months later. I am told that freezing it in water helps dfeminish freezer burn.

    My latest attempt was to make it into crab cakes and freeze them. When thawed I did a traditional dry wet panko breading and pan sauted them. The family seemed to think they were yummy even though they were not fresh.

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      Thanks for the reply. Any idea how long I can refridgerate a crab for without it going bad?

      1. re: DrabCrab?

        Cooked dungeness crab has a shelf life (at 33-35 degrees) of 6 days. 6 days after the crab has been cooked. Less if kept at higher temperatures.

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          Just a note, though, that most home fridges aren't quite that cold. Personally, I think all seafood should be eaten as fresh as possible. Even if Dungeness is safe to eat after six days in the fridge, it probably won't be great, and considering how expensive it is, why spend all that money on something that will be less than optimum.

          Of course even if it has been sitting in your fridge for that long, you don't want to waste it ....

          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            "Even if Dungeness is safe to eat after six days in the fridge"

            Not six days in the fridge, six days after cooking. If the "fish monger" is not cooking on-site; figure the crab is 1-2 days old when he gets it, then he has the crab in the store for 1-2 days, the crab has a "home" shelf life of 1-2 days (taking into account home fridge temperature).