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Dec 6, 2005 09:51 AM

Raclette Grills

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I'm interested in buying a raclette grill. Any opinions on whether the teflon coated grill top or the ceramic stone like top is better? A salesperson told me that the ceramic top holds the heat better but I'm concerned that meats and other things will stick and that clean-up would be difficult. Also , any opinion on brands to buy would be most appreciated. Thanks !

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  1. I have one of the traditional style raclette grills that uses a 1/4 wheel or smaller piece of cheese and heats the cheese directly, from which you scrape servings onto your plate. I got it from Fantes in Philly (link below, with photo). They're available elsewhere but the prices seem pretty much the same and Fantes has great service.

    I don't have any experience with the modern style you describe where you put small slices of cheese onto little plates that slide under a tabletop broiler (Fantes has one model of that type as well), other than to note that they seem to have taken over the market (such as it is), even in Switzerland where I looked without success for one of the traditional ones.

    The traditional grill is a bit more awkward, I guess, and perhaps a bit more messy, but it's great fun with guests and I just have interest in doing things the old-fashioned way (though not enough to do it the real old-fashioned way in front of the fire).