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Dec 6, 2005 09:48 AM

Favorite fruity extra virgin olive oil

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Does anyone have a favorite brand of extra virgin olive oil for finishing items off the heat? I prefer fruity oils to peppery ones but all recommendations are welcome



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  1. sciabica produces several very nice ones

    1. I've recently tried a Sicilian oil called Olio Taibi. Really fruity with notes of almond, fresh tomatoes, and herbs.

      1. Pompeian is my favorite. It has a permanent place on my cupboard shelves.

        Just tossed some fresh pasta in it last night before saucing, in fact!



        1. I'm not sure how dedicated you are to olive oil, but the Leonforte sold by Jim Dixon at Real Good Food is amazing. Very fruity. Looks like he's sold out of it until the next batch, but if you emailed him, I'm sure he could recommend another fruity one. All his oils are fantastic; I could drink them. My favorite is the Don Alfonso.


          1. I am by no means an expert when it comes to olive oil, but at someone's request I purchased the Trader Joe's California Estate Olive Oil and I have been quite pleased.