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Dec 6, 2005 09:12 AM

Which Thermometer To Get?

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I was all set to get the Thermapen, but now I'm re-thinking it. I will be using it mostly for meats in the oven and on the stovetop, not so much for liquids.

So I don't know which would be best for me...

-- Thermapen
-- Taylor Wireless Oven Thermometer with pager
-- Polder

Although I really wanted the Thermapen, maybe it's easier to just stick a probe in and leave it as opposed to constantly opening the oven to use the Thermapen?

Any thoughts?


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  1. I love my Polder and thoroughly dispise my Taylor with pager. The porblem with the Taylor is the presets for cooking. Well maybe I don't want to cook my roast beef to what their pre-set says it should be but even with the directions I am too stupid to figure out how to get aroud that feature. It is being donated. I've only used it once and go back to my Polder each time. I made the mistake of buying a candy thermometer with presets. That will go away before log too.

    1. if you are really only using it for roasting, get a probe-style with an digital readout. They are only about $20. Like one person suggested, just make sure that your digital thermometer allows YOU to set the alarm temps and doesn't have those preset meat temps for you.

      Once you spend some time using the $20 probe, if you see that you still have need for a thermapen, then you can make that jump. I'm in that boat now. I've been using a variety probe and wireless probe thermometers for roasting, baking and smoking/bbq. However, after a while, I've found a need for some good spot checking of temps when I cook and could really use the convenience and speed of the Thermapen. So I'll be getting that. But the probes continue to have a use and provided a stop gap for all other uses in the meantime.

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        Becca Porter

        I have the Thermopen and would recommend it. It is completely worth every penny. Its greatest use is in meat. Since you get such a quick reading with it I don't miss a probe.

        If you do get a probe, make sure you check the max temp. The average one I bought couldn't go in an oven hot enough to roast anything. It had a ridiculously low max temp. It died after one use in a moderate oven.

      2. I have about four different thermos as a result of food service jobs in another life.

        The one I use most is my polder probe style, yes, a therma pen gives you an instant read, but you end up with multiple meat punctures and longer cooking times due to oven opening/closing. I actually have two and two spare probes (my turkey looked like a Borg). I monitor both breast and thigh.

        I do have a radio remote model I use on my smoker to monitor the smoking temp, it tells me when to add more fuel/chips. I use the regular probes on the meat and swap plugs to see how they're all doing without opening the smoker.

        I always think of instant reads as stovetop/steam table aids, remote probes are a real oven tool but can double up for stove use.