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Kipper Snacks?

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I've got some. What do I do with them?

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    Niki Rothman

    Have a classic English breakfast: eggs over easy, fried tomato, pork & beans on toast,and kippers.
    Don't forget the tea.
    OR -
    Have an old fashioned NYC type sandwich:
    Thick cut bakery rye with caraway seeds, unsalted butter, thin sliced onion, thin sliced tomato and,
    of course, kippers!

    1. You can fry up the kippers with some onions and serve with eggs for breakfast. Delicious. BUT, it really stinks up the house.

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      1. re: fishfork

        I'm another one who LOVES smoked kipper snacks for breakfast!

        I just drain the can & place the kippers (whole filets or broken into large pieces) in a skillet with some melted butter along with a couple of eggs & sometimes one or two thick slices of plain ripe or breaded green tomatoes. Not quite an "English" breakfast, but delicious nonetheless!

      2. I like kipper snacks on a Triscuit with mustard, they are sort of like sardines and not really meant to be cooked, they already are.

        1. I like them with saltines...need to try them with triscuits, though. They are very good for you, too; low-fat source of protein and low-sodium, also good source of fatty omega 3.

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          1. re: Val
            Niki Rothman

            Good point on the nutrition! They are also loaded with calcium from the tiny bones. But I don't know about the Triscuits...I am a known salt abuser but that combo. is too salty even for me.
            Don't listen to me! You go on with your bad salt eating self!

            1. re: Niki Rothman

              There are low sodium Triscuits and there are also low fat. I find the low fat to be crispier than the other varieties.

              1. re: Candy

                Yes, I do love the low-fat Triscuits, too...love them with natural peanut butter. Just a few of makes me feel full.

                1. re: Val

                  There are now "Hint of Salt" Triscuits...they've been out for a while but I see how old this thread is...love kippers though...have found Crown Prince natural kippers at Whole Foods, very low sodium only 70 mgs per can. Amazon had them at a much better price too but ran out...drat!

          2. Open carefully to make sure the juice doesn't squirt on you or you will be hounded by cats and dogs all day. If you have fresh bread (a fresh rye is tasty) , pour off the oil/juice and use for dipping. Annoint the filets with a squeeze of lemon or just fork them up plain. Then carefully seal up the container- quite smelly and a magnet for trash digging night dwellers like racoons.

            1. Love them right out of the can.

              However, I've been told by my employees that I'm not to eat them at work ever again.

              Has anyone tried the flavored type?

              I noticed at our 99ยข Store that they come in teriyaki, mustard, Cajun and tomato now.

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              1. re: mar52

                Hey - my staff said the same thing - pitty. I have tried the flavored ones but not as good as the original.

                1. re: mar52

                  I love the mustard ones, with a thick slice of Italian bread, right out of the can.


                2. As with sardines, you can throw them on a good hard roll with raw onions.... great sandwich.

                  1. Has anyone else heard of this? Rye bread with kipper snacks, hard boiled egg, onion, and russian dressing? We have no idea if we made this up or it was told to us......

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                    1. re: dimsumeater

                      I have the same when camping, with the exception of using mustard instead of russian dressing.

                    2. Love love love them for breakfast. Put a layer on a nice sour slice of rye bread. Top with a very sharp cheddar (Cougar Gold is great), dot with capers, and toast in toaster oven. Savory, delicious, I want some NOW.

                      1. rollmops or even better get some mango, avocado, rice and nori to roll some kipper-maki - those are insanely great!

                        1. My way: Kipper snacks, 5 yr old aged cheddar, kielbasa, and keebler club crackers, and a cold beer

                          1. Funny to happen to see this on here today. I just inherited a bunch of tins of kippers after we cleaned out my boyfriend's mom's pantry and I had no earthly idea what they were for.

                            I'm a bit wary about opening them because all of the research I've done online suggested they are very stinky, and I figure what's stinky to smell must be somewhat stinky to eat....

                            However, I love pickled herring (Scandinavian style) so maybe I'll get the courage.

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                            1. re: Memily_G

                              If you love pickled herring - you will enjoy kippers and will not mind the stink - I actually think they smell like the sea smoked - not stinky at all.

                            2. I read a lot of suggestions, and just tried an experiment of my own. Turns out they make a passable (if unusual) substitute for bagels and lox. A bagel, onion, tomato, low fat cream cheese, kippers, and voila! Kippers are salty enough you can skip the capers.

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                              1. re: afterworkchef

                                oy...and you can make an *unbelievable* fish dip/spread with those smoked kippers... cream cheese, fresh lemon juice, chopped red onion, add the kippers, I think I even added some dill relish and fresh ground black pepper...SO delicious on a whole grain cracker! I agree with you that capers are not needed...I DO love capers with sardines though....

                              2. It is GREAT with cream cheese. Just like you would pair cream cheese with lox you can pair cream cheese with kippers! I put some cream cheese and kippers on a toasted English muffin and it was delicious.

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                                1. re: Spencer Kieft

                                  hee! have you ever heard of smoked fish dip? I thought it sounded so disgusting but Oh! My! how delicious...it's basically smoked herring with cream cheese...and I just adored it!

                                2. The best way is to bbq the kippers so that you don't stink up the house. We prefer the vacum packed Aberdeen Kippers - the whole fish complete with bones. What a treat!!

                                  1. I love them on whole grain melba snack croutons and drowned in cholula hot sauce... now i have a craving.

                                    1. Keep it simple. Wheat Thins, slice of pepper jack cheese, amd a piece of kippered herring.

                                      1. You eat them. it's food.

                                        1. Just shy of a decade later, the conversation is still going. I fry up half a small onion and, just before it's done, I throw in some smoked kipper snacks from the can and smash 'em up. By the time the onion is done, the kippers are hot. It's awesome on eggs, as a sandwich or a topping for anything. Sometimes, I just eat it as is, straight from the frying pan to the plate!

                                          1. Ok. I'm weird. I eat them on saltines with a dollop of sour cream on top with a pinch of sea salt.