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Rum balls - WOW! Thanks!

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Whoever posted the rum ball recipe made with Oreos, thank you! I doubled the recipe and made a batch with some vanilla rum we had, rolled in sugar as per the recipe. The other batch I made with some "orangecello" I had made and rolled these in coconut, mainly so I could tell them apart. They were both fantastic and warmed my little heart on a cold, dreary day in the south. Great, simple recipe.

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    Does anyone have a rum ball recipe that doesn't start with Nilla wafers or Oreos? I love rum balls, but try to avoid transfats, processed foods, etc. I used to have a great recipe that started with cake crumbs, but I've lost it.

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      Amuse Bouches

      It's possible to substitute graham cracker crumbs in for the Nilla Wafer crumbs. If you don't want to use commercial graham crackers it's possible to make your own.

      1. re: Amuse Bouches

        Thanks - I know I can get transfat-free graham crackers, but I've never seen equivalent Nilla-wafer-type cookies.

      2. re: curiousbaker

        You can use Newman's Own sandwich cookies instead--they're organic and they don't have hydrogenated oil or trans-fatty acids.

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          Thanks for the tip! I normally try not to use processed foods in my cooking, but these rum balls are just too good to resist. I'll try the Newman's Own to see how they measure up.


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            Does anyone know if it makes a difference in how much rum you use if your using the light rum? That's all I have around the house and didn't want to have to go out and buy any new, if I could use the light.

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              You would use the same amount.

              Light rum tastes different than dark rum. Changing the quantity won't alter that. For rum balls, light rum is close enough.

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                Thanks PDXpat. I ended up using the light rum and they turned out fine. I also did some with Ameretto and they were very good! I rolled them in different flavors of cocoa and that was yummy as well.



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                  I've made them using bourbon also. I couldn't decide whether I liked those better or not, so I had to keep taste-testing to decide. :)

      3. I'm so glad you posted, I decided to try these this year instead of the Nilla wafer ones, and now I realize best booze would be the new Grand Marnier vanilla version (Navan I think it's called). It will be my first cookie batch next week.

        1. BF and I also made them last night and although they are for a craftsfair on Wednesday (And we are allowing them to 'mellow' heh...) I did manage to taste a bit of the scraps and they were AWESOME!! :)


          1. Please post the recipe again
            I scrolled down to Nov. 23rd but can't find it. (and, yes, I did a search...too, but still can't locate the recipe for rum balls with oreos...please?
            TIA :^)

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                which rum do you use, light or dark?

            1. Could you not use just the plain Nabisco Chocolate Wafers or is the shortening/sugar filling an essential?

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                My wife has used basic chocolate wafers for years. Ingredients are 1 1/2 c.chocolate wafers, 1/2 c. powdered sugar, 1/2 c. walnuts, pinch of salt, shot of rum (she makes vanilla rum a few weeks ahead), 1/4 c. corn syrup, orange zest (or a little Cointreau) and powdered sugar for dusting. You can find organic/healthy wafers at some stores. Plenty rich as it is.

              2. I'd like to try these with ginger snaps.....

                1. I'd like to try these with ginger snaps.....

                  1. I was the one who posted the Oreo rum balls recipe. I'm glad they turned out well for you! It's amazing how good they are, given the prosaic ingredients. The recipe was originally from a lady's magazine (probably Better Homes and Gardens) in the '80s, and am I ever glad I tried it!

                    Someone asked if you could use plain chocolate wafers instead of Oreos, but I think the cream filling is a major part of the recipe. A plain-wafer version would probably be good, but different.

                    Someone else asked about rum - I use a medium-dark rum (whatever I have around). I don't use white rum or anything expensive. But the darker the rum, the stronger the flavor - and I like the taste of rum.

                    That reminds me - I have to buy cherries to soak in some kirsch. I'm making the cherry version of these this year.


                    Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

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                    1. re: AnneInMpls

                      Hi Anne,

                      Your recipe sounded so intriguing that I had to give it a try. I've made so many versions of Rum or Bourbon balls, which have been average tasting at best.
                      So, following your recipe exactly I am left with a little dilemna. Is it possible that when you mentioned a small package of Oreos, and the weight of 8.5 oz., that there could be a mistake?
                      My mixture is right by me, and as I look at it, it is impossible to roll into any type of ball shape, as it is quite loose. I am wondering if the amount of Oreo package is larger than 8.5 oz. Every other liquid ingredient was measured precisely, not to mention the powdered sugar and cocoa too.
                      I'm hoping that you read this post fairly soon,as I will wait until I decide how much more crushed Oreo's need to be used.
                      Thanks so much,

                      1. re: JeffW

                        I, too, made these this past weekend. I could only find an 18-ounce bag of Oreos so I literally counted each cookie, divided by half and removed one cookie...tee hee. I processed the Oreos and the nuts in the food processor, added all the other ingredients and then mixed all with a wooden spoon. The recipe turned out great!! It was not too moist at all. The mix was perfect. So you must have added in too much of a liquid ingredient. My hands were nice and black from rolling the balls in my palms. I dipped into my favorite rum -- Tortuga -- distilled in Grand Cayman, as I couldn't find another bottle of rum in the liquor cabinet. Hope recipients enjoy them as I'd much rather drink Tortuga than to cook with it......tee hee.

                        1. re: JeffW

                          I just made these by doubleing the recipe because I could only find an 18 oz. bag of Oreos. Did you add nuts? That would certainly make them less gooey. Mine turned out great - a little soft but definitely able to be rolled.

                          1. re: Susan

                            I ended up using 2 "sleeves" of Oreo's, and the weight of the crushed cookies ended up at 11 oz. They rolled beautifully, and the sugar coating sparkles. I just rolled them about 5 minutes ago, and I am not expecting the sparkled effect to remain---however, as they are so moist, I think I will leave them uncovered for a couple of hours and maybe the sugar coating will set up and remain sparkly. I hope so. In any event I am sure they will be wonderful.

                            1. re: JeffW

                              Oops, I forgot to say that I did not add nuts.

                          2. re: JeffW

                            Sorry, I didn't get back to this topic until today - it's a hectic work week.

                            The recipe is from back in the day when the Oreos package size was much smaller. So I do the same calculation as pilotgirl210, and eat the extra Oreos. (Or I dip them in melted chocolate for an over-the-top treat.)

                            The first time I made these rum balls, I was generous with the rum (because I like rum!), but the mixture was WAY too gooey. So now I measure the liquids carefully.

                            But I'll bet that adding more crushed oreos would solve the soggy mixture problem. I think the recipe is pretty flexible.


                            1. re: AnneInMpls

                              Thanks Anne for writing back. I did end up using more crushed oreos---2 and 1/2 extra ounces. They rolled out beautifully, and as you are aware---they taste ummmazing. So glad you shared this recipe.
                              Happy holidays,

                          3. re: AnneInMpls

                            pssssst.....Anne.......don't tell anyone, but I ate the extra Oreo, too :--)

                          4. I made some too, with a West Indies dark rum. They taste quite strong, even after two days of "mellowing" ... (hic)

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                              I just made a double batch of these too... I used TJ's 'Joe Joes', which don't have any partially hydrogenated oils, instead of the Oreos and they turned out great. I used Mount Gay rum and even though I double the amount in my drinks, I used the designated amount in the rum balls & they were a little strong. I don't think I'll get any complaints though!

                              1. re: wineaux

                                FYI, I was seeking the Newman's Own since I read here that Oreos uses transfats, but couldn't find them at the store. According to the nutritional info on the oreos package, they no longer include transfats.